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Rokucoms is a digital media player manufactured by Rokucoms , that delivers streamed video, music, and entertainment content from around the world via an Internet. 

Founded by Anthony Wood in 2002 the company has now become to be one of the best streaming devices in the world. It offers a wide range of device ranging from streaming devices to TV sets with service built into them. Rokucoms also boasts to be the biggest content provider in the world. You have the privilege to stream Amazon Video, Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Spotify, MLB or 500,000+ movies and TV episodes available across thousands of free or paid channels.

The Rokucoms box runs a Linux based OS called Rokucoms OS. The latest running OS is Rokucoms OS 9.0 for streaming devices and Rokucoms OS 8.2 for TVs. 

Rokucoms Streaming devices:

There are wide models of the streaming device according to one’s need and budget. 

  • Express
  • Express+
  • Premiere
  • Premiere+
  • Streaming Stick®
  • Streaming Stick®+
  • Ultra

Setting up any Rokucoms streaming device is pretty easy. Few basic plugins will ready the device in no time. Get the power, connect your device to the TV through HDMI cable the connect to an internet and done, the device is ready to go. The Express can even convert your old dumb TV to a smart TV. 

Roku TVs:

With hundreds of models from top brands, the Rokucoms according to CNET says “TV delivers the best smart TV experience on the market, with a simple, responsive user interface, thousands of apps and constant feature upgrades”. 

The TV model ranges from 24” HD small screens to 75” big screens with 4K HDR and Dolby Vision. 

Roku Remote:

Roku device comes with the basic remote functionality with an additional feature like power up/down, volume control, voice search, private listening, and gaming buttons according to the model. Voice search is one of the killer features. The Express and Premiere models do not have built-in voice search. Every remote also features shortcut buttons to your favorite channels. 

Roku with its great products, value for money and its good service continues to be one of the most trusted digital media company in the world. 

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