Roku Remote


The standard IR remote is a remote control for easier control over your favorite channels. streaming stick It is based on Infrared(IR) technology. It is the most basic remote from the offers and it works right out of the box. It needs no complex pairing. Just be on the line of sight and access to your favorite channels and shows. It comes with four shortcut buttons for access to your favorite streaming channels.  with pairing button


With the Roku Voice Remote, you can experience the benefits of cutting back on typingIt allows you to control your device with voice command over the traditional typingAccess your favorite channels, shows and get recommendations much faster with the voice remoteIt is compatible with most of the streaming devicesIt has shortcut buttons of favorite streaming channels like Netflix, Amazon, Sling, Vudu, etc. It also comes with a power-up and volume up/down buttons.  which is programmable buttons


The Roku enhanced voice remote is an enhanced remote over the Voice remote providing the same control with additional features. Home screen besides the power up and change volume it now comes with a headphone jack for private listening. Plugin the headphone into the remote and the audio on the TV mutes automatically, allowing your fellow partners, who does not follow the same entertainment or sports to not be disturbed. It also comes with a lost remote finder to help you find your remote when u misplace it and gaming buttons.  roku channel


The Roku Gaming remote works both waysIt has the basic remote functions and also has additional features like voice search and a headphone jack for private listeningIt comes with additional gaming buttons and motion control sensors too for gamingIt has two additional dedicated gaming buttons for better gaming experience and an Instant replay, Back and Option buttons for smooth control over your TVConnection over Bluetooth allows it remains connected while playing without having to be on the line of sight. roku device

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