Can I control my Roku streaming device from my mobile device?

Yes, your Roku streaming device can be controlled using the Roku mobile app

The Roku mobile app is a free application for iOS® and Android™ devices that turns your mobile device into a control center for your Roku streaming device. Not only can you launch channels, navigate the Roku interface, and search and issue commands with your voice, you can also share personal photos and videos on your TV, listen privately with your headphones, and more.

To use the Roku mobile app, you must connect your mobile device to the same wireless network as your Roku device. Some mobile app features are not supported on all Roku devices. You can use the Roku device comparison chart to determine which features are supported on your device. Certain features may require signing in to your Roku account.


  • The Roku mobile app is available in English, French, and Spanish.
  • The Roku mobile app is available in Argentina, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, France, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

When you are ready to use your iOS® or Android™ device to control your Roku device, learn how to install the Roku mobile app.

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