How to fix Roku Error “Code 005”


 When doing initial setup, the Roku Express connected easily to the network, local network and internet (three green checks) after following instructions for installation and signing in to my local WiFi.  It then stated that an update was necessary and provided an “OK” button to select.  However, when selecting the “OK” button the progress never moved from 0%.  In just a few seconds, it said “The software update server could not be reached. There may be a problem with your network”, asked me to try again or cancel and try again later, and stated error “code 005”.  No matter how many times I tried again, double-checked my network, factory reset the Roku Express, unplugged and plugged it back in to reboot, or anything else I tried, update progress would not pass 0% and the same error code was given.


1)  DO NOT select the “OK” button.  This solution will not work if the error screen is present.  If you have already selected “OK” and gotten the error message, just unplug the Roku Express and plug it back in to reboot it, or factory reset it using the same “Secret Screen” accessed in the below instructions, then reconnect to the network to get back to the update screen with the “OK” button.
2)  With the update screen and “OK” button displayed on the screen, press the remote buttons in the following order to access the “Secret Screen” that has the manual update software function (also includes factory reset, etc.):  

Home 5X, then Fast Forward 3X, then Rewind 2X

3)  Once on the “Secret Screen”, verify the IP Address is not “” and use the down arrow on the remote to move to “Update software”, then select “OK” on the remote.
4)  The software should manually update, showing progress to 100%.  Then your Roku Express should work normally and you can complete the setup.  Worked for me and no issues since.

If this doesn’t work the first time, you may need to reboot both your router and your Roku Express for it to obtain a new IP address (unplug both the router and the Roku Express, wait 30 secs, plug the router back in, wait for internet and WiFi to be restored…confirm this on your phone or other device, then plug Roku Express back in) and then try the above sequence 1-4 again.

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