How to fix roku Error code 011 (Can’t connect to roku )

Generally, Roku Error Code 011 is caused by irregular entries in the, Windows registry and due to system settings that, are configured in the incorrect way. This error can be resolved by using special software that, repairs the Windows registry and also tune up system settings . so that stability can be restored.

1. On your Roku remote, press the Home button.

2. Scroll up and down the mouse and then navigate to Settings.

3. Choose Advanced System Settings > Factory Reset option.

4. Lastly, choose the option “Factory Reset Everything” and then follow on-screen instructions.

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1. First of all, choose the Settings menu.

2. Locate the Network option and then scroll down mouse cursor to “Repeat Guided Setup”.

3. Then, select that network name that you are going to use.

4. Get connected to that network by providing username and password.

Roku error code -11 indicate that, software update has failed and due to this Roku is not connecting to, Roku Software Update Server.

1. First and foremost, navigate to Once you open this, check . if there are alerts related to, Roku software update or not.

2. If your Roku device is longer connected to, the internet then you will see a message that, will lead you through the process of reconnecting to your home network.

1. You should keep the Roku Streaming Stick within the range of your wireless router. This is because the placement of Roku Streaming Stick has the impact on wireless signals.

2. In order to maximise the broadband connection on Roku Streaming stick, you should limit the use of internet connected devices that, are connected to your home network.

3. If we talked about router settings then make sure your router’s firmware is up-to-date. Also, set router’s wireless security mode as TKIP instead of AES.

4. After optimizing wireless signal,  between your router and Roku, you need to check your internet speed.  if it is fulfilling the minimum requirements of the channel and video quality. For a smooth experience, high internet speed is needed.

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