How to Get Google Play on Roku

Google Play Movies & TV is yet another channel where you can find the best shows and movies of all time. It is available on the Roku channel store and the channel is accessible only to people in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, and Canada.From cult classics to the brand new premieres, everything is available in the Google Play Movies & TV. Find out how you can set up the Google Play on Roku by reading below.

Google Play on Roku
  • Get set with the requirements such as a smart phone or desktop hooked up to the wired or wireless network. The initial step is to add the payment information, but you can pay while purchasing a movie or television show.
  • Just visit the Roku channel store after powering up your Roku streaming player and search for “Google Play Movies & TV” on the search tab or scroll through the list of channels under the Movies & TV category.
  • Choose the channel and click on “Add channel” which will pave a way to the installation. Launch the channel and sign in with your account to find the channel activation code.
  • Navigate to the site roku using your desktop or smart mobile to sign in with your account using
  • Now it’s time to enter the channel activation code and tap Continue to review the “Permission” screen. As said earlier, include a payment method by tagging along with the directives on your web browser. Start streaming your favourites right after the channel activation.

Streaming trailers on the app won’t necessitate to sign in but buying or renting videos does.You are restricted to use either PayPal or Direct carrier billing as Roku does not support these methods. Remember Google PIN and Roku PIN are way different from one another. Google PIN can be utilized while using the Google products, but Roku PIN can be used while purchasing the channels and it is not mandatory to set a PIN in Roku.

  • It is quite easy to switch Google Accounts on Roku device and only one Google Play Movies account login is permitted at a time. Remember you have to start from scratch if you are signing in with a new Google Account. Here are the simple steps to switch Play Movies account.
  • First of all, open the Play Movies & TV on the Roku streaming player and tap on the Settings options.
  • Sign out from the current account and login with a new Google Play Movies account. Make use of your computer or mobile phone to visit roku. You need to repeat the procedure given above and finish switching the account to stream the best movies and television on your Roku streaming player.
  • The channel activation will be successful and you can now start watching your favourite Google Play on Roku.

If you have any doubts about activating the channel, you can just call our Roku customer support team +1-855-203-0401 Our website will have detailed instructions in activating the Google Play on Roku, troubleshooting and more visit us​

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