Know The Entire Roku Streaming Stick Setup Process

The Roku Com Link Enter Code is one of the most popular and affordable options when it comes to streaming digital content. If you are using Roku Streaming Stick (model: 3600), then you’ve got a product that supports videos in 1080p Full HD and comes with an enhanced ‘point-anywhere’ remote control. So, if you are looking to set up this device, then you will get all the app you need in this blog post.

Before you commence with the setup process, check whether your TV can work with Roku Streaming Stick or not. Basically, Roku Streaming Stick works for any TV that has an HDMI port, so if your TV has got one, then Voila! You can use Roku Streaming Stick on your television. But, if not, then don’t worry, get an HDMI extender cable.

You need to ensure that you’ve selected the right TV input on your TV. By that, I mean that you need to choose the input according to the port at which you’ve to connect Roku Streaming Stick. If you’ve chosen the right input, then you will see Roku logo on the TV screen

  1. Select a language

    • Select the language in which you want to see your TV shows, movies, and all other content. You can take help of Roku remote in order to scroll through the languages and finding the one that you wish to see your content in.

Note: Some channels may not support the language that you’ve selected. Moreover, it the responsibility of the channel broadcaster to translate the content to your chosen language.

  1. Connect Roku Streaming Stick to the Internet

    1. From the available list of networks, choose the one you want to connect your Roku streaming stick to. Enter the password for that network in order to connect.

Note: Make sure that you have chosen the same network on which your other devices are connected as well.

  1. Roku Streaming Stick downloads the latest software

    1. After connecting Roku Streaming Stick to the internet, it is going to download the latest version of Roku OS followed by rebooting itself.
  2. Set the display type

    1. Selecting this option will allow Roku Streaming Stick to auto-detect the best display resolution, thus avoiding you from getting into complications by doing the same manually. You can do it later as well by going to ‘settings’ and then, ‘display type’.
  3. Create Roku account followed by activating your Roku Streaming Stick

    1. You need to create a Roku account if you want to activate Roku Com Link. Having a Roku account is important as it keeps a track of the Roku devices you have and manages and controls the channels you’ve bought and added into your Roku.
    2. Roku activation code is what you need to enter in order to activate Roku device. It is a 6-digit alphanumeric code that you need to add at my Roku Link.
  4. Enter the code and the setting up process concludes for you. Now, you can use the device without any problem

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