Roku com link-10 Insane Roku Hacks and Tricks to Unleash the power of your Roku Stick

Why there is a restriction?

Not just Roku, all the devices have some restrictions to the end user. You can consider any device like PC, Android devices, Router, Streaming sticks, Smart TVs and a lot more.

If the Roku streaming sticks are that powerful, why they are not allowing the user to access its full potential? Well, there are two main reasons for it. One is for security and the second is business.

This advanced access is called the Root Access or Admin Access. Once you got root access, you can install any of the apps to your Roku streaming stick. After rooting, you can get full control over your Roku device. And a user can also modify the device functions too. If you are not sure about what you are doing, there is a good probability that you might mess up the device. And this will possibly damage your device beyond recovery.

This was one of the prime reason for not giving admin access to users. And the second main reason is business. If you are satisfied with the existing device, you won’t buy the next version or an advanced device. So they might lose a potential sale. So they are limiting the user access so that you will go for the next device.

Caution: Jailbreaking Roku can put your device at risk. And it also void warranty. There is a huge possibility for bricking of the Roku streaming stick. And other problems are beyond repair.


Top 10 Best Roku Hacks 2019

Yes! Literally, you can stream can stream any content for free. And this is one of the major reason behind jailbreaking Roku.

Installing Kodi on Roku

Undoubtfully Kodi is the streaming app used by millions of people across the globe. Roku doesn’t allow the users to install Kodi directly on the device because Kodi could be used for streaming pirated content. So you need to hack your Roku streaming stick to install Kodi. Since jailbreaking involves high risk, we opted for a much easier and risk-free method. By this method, you can watch all the Kodi contents on Roku. Roku has a screen mirroring option. We will be using this method to cast the Kodi from other devices to Roku. So you need any other device with cast option. This may be an android phone or a laptop. After installing Kodi on the cast device, you can cast it to Roku. It involves three to four steps. We had made an exclusive guide with screenshots to install Kodi on Roku.

After installing Kodi, you can use any of the best kodi addons to stream all the content for free. Depending on your need you can install any of the addons. It allows you to stream all the available content for free. Some of the best Kodi addons are Exodus and Neptune Rising.
Private channels on Roku

The functionality of the Roku streaming stick is so unique when compared to the other streaming device. Roku streams channels on the basis of channel list. You need to add a channel with the channel code. By default, there are some officials channels available. You can add some private channels to stream all the contents for free. There are some private channels that are hidden from normal users. You need the channel code to add these channels to the list.

After adding the channel you can stream its contents. There are both free and Paid channels. We made a special guide about Roku Private channels. Refer to this guide, to get the channel access code. To add the access code, sign in to Roku and select manage account. Now select Add channel with a code and enter the code. Select Add channel to add the new private channel to the list.

Depending on the content of the channel you are adding, you can stream the content. With this private channel trick, you can stream all the live matches, PPV events, and other contents.

Play Media from the Local Network

Roku is short-handed when it comes to storage. Well its a media player, so we can’t expect high storage. But you can access the contents from the local storage after installing an application. It’s called ROKU Media Player. After installing this app, you can find the device connected to the same network. And it also gives you permission to access the contents. Now you can just click on the content to view them or play them.

And the best part is you can form a local network with this app. And it enables you to play the content directly from any location within the ad-hoc network. And if your Roku device supports Pendrive, you can also stream the content directly from it. You can access contents like Video, Music, and Pictures.

Eliminate Buffering forever

Buffering is one of the most irritating things when it comes to streaming. No matter what streaming device you are using, the buffering issue is there. With this simple hack, you can eliminate streaming in Roku. The main reason for streaming is when Video quality is greater than the bandwidth. Some of the streams adjust itself based on the video quality. Some do not. So you need to set the bandwidth allocation to automatic. To do this, you need to Press home five times RW three times and FF twice on your remote.

This shortcut key will open the Roku Bit Rate Overwrite menu. Select the speed to automatic. Now depending on the bandwidth of your internet, the quality and playback are adjusted to eliminate streaming.

Wifi strength check

Another major cause for the buffering issue is low signal strength. If you are having a low wifi signal, the problem will be there even after changing the Bit Rate. So you need to check the signal strength of your wifi. But the thing is, you can see whether your device is connected to wifi or not. By hacking Roku, you can see the wifi signal strength in percentage.

To check this, press Home button five times followed by Up, Down, Up, Down, Up. After following this, you can see a hidden wireless settings screen. On this screen, you can find signal strength. If the signal strength bar is in green color, it’s ok. If it’s in red, change the router antenna direction towards the Roku streaming stick. Or move router near to the Roku streaming stick.

Listen through headphones

This trick is only applicable to selected devices. If your Roku remote has a headphone jack, you can follow this method. To enable wireless transmission, you need to Press Volume Up twice, Volume Down twice, Volume Up three times, Volume Down three times. And now enable Audience Audio. Now your audio will switch to wireless mode. And you can listen to this audio via headphone.

Install web browser on Roku

One of the major drawbacks of Roku is, it doesn’t have an inbuilt browser. So you need to install a web browser from the Roku store. By doing so, you can surf using the browser. You need to install a web browser named X app. You can directly install it. But the big drawback is, you can’t connect a wireless keyboard or mouse. But you can use Roku Mobile app as a keyboard and mouse.

Play any games on Roku

This is not a Roku hack, yet it is one of the most important tricks every Roku user should know. With this single feature, you can play any of the games on Roku. This Roku trick is based on screen mirroring. Just enable screen mirroring on your device and cast it to your Roku streaming stick. After that, you will find the device on the Roku. Now select the device, and connect it. Now you can play all the games on the big screen.

To take the game to the next level, connect keyboard, mouse or joystick via Bluetooth. And you can play all the games with this method. You can also use the same method to connect to Bluetooth headset.

Automatic Volume Leveling

This is yet another cool feature of Roku Streaming Stick. Are you annoyed by sound while changing channels or while watching Ads? If Yes, then this feature is for you. Automatic volume leveling will make sure that the volume will not spike up while changing channels. Go to advanced sound settings > Volume mode > Leveling. You can also choose the Night mode. Night Mode will increase the volume of soft sounds and decrease the volume of louder sounds.

Universal Search

Roku doesn’t have a lot of content like another streaming device. If you are not searching for the specific content, you will keep scrolling. You can use the Roku search feature to search for anything. You can search for movies, TV shows, actor, product or anything. It will provide a comprehensive list. If you are spending a lot of time searching, this feature might help you.

These are the some of the insane Roku hacks you should definitely try out. There are lots of other features available. But in this list, we list some of the best feature and most used one. I hope you will become a Power Roku user after testing out all these Roku hacks. If you are facing any issue, do comment below. We will help you to find the solution.

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