Buffering in Roku occurs due to external as well as internal issues. Basically, Buffering can prevent lag when you are streaming video slow performance. When you’re playing the video game on your Roku streaming player.

When your Roku has many system updates like games updates and you not updated them for a long time then your Roku starts buffering. for this unplug the gaming console and let the Roku run. You have the buffering problem only then when you WI-FI router suffers from interference from other sources. The first solution is moving the router closer to the Roku.

  • Network
  • Changing the channel
  • Wired or wireless network
  • Reboot the Roku
  • Use another device


Please do not stream and download from anther device at the same time on your internet. Working on the same device can cause traffic which in turns causes the problem of buffering. So try to avoid working on the same network.

    Changing the channel:

You should try a different content channel on your Roku player. If more Rokucoms  working without buffering then it is an issue with that channel. If all channels are suffering from buffering problem then it’s not a fault of a channel.

    Wired or wireless network:

If your Roku is connected to an Ethernet port make sure you try it directly plugged into the Ethernet. The Roku will stream better over Ethernet than wireless.

    Reboot the Roku:

Please reboot your Roku streaming player (buffering remains same) and your wireless router if connecting the Roku to WI-FI. As well as update new roku os 8 software

    Use Another Device:

Please try streaming the video with another device like the computer or Laptop. If the streaming works on another device then it is an issue with the Roku player.

    Debug mode:

Please put your Roku in debug mode to see what you are actually getting.

  •     While on the home screen enter the following:
  •     Press Home (5x)
  •     Then press Fast Forward (3x)
  •     Click on Rewind (2x)
  •     Lastly, choose the option of “Enable debug logging
  •     After then please try and watch several streams and note at what speed the Roku reports.
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