Roku Error Code Resolving – 001

Activation error code 001 signifies an activation issue with your streaming player. Many a times, the device will not get activated even after entering the activation code. Here’s the fix (Roku error code resolving) for this issue.

·         To begin with, note down the link code carefully

·         Also, use the code within a certain period of time as they can expire

·         Make use of the HELP menu on your Roku to generate a new link code

·         The Roku activation issue error code 001 can be fixed by checking the network connection

·         For instance, check the Ethernet or LAN cable when it is a wired connection

·         Otherwise, verify the router settings and the corresponding streaming device settings when it is the wireless connection

·         Navigate to the Settings menu –> open Network –> and then, Check connection

·         Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if it is an issue on their side

·         Initially, obtain the IP address of the website using the DNS server

·         Next, communicate using  HTTP data stream after opening an IP socket

·         Check if you are able to receive data back through the socket

·         Then, make use of this IP address to reconnect to the server

·         This signifies an activation issue with regard to your streaming stick

·         Therefore, ensure that you select the correct input port before beginning the setup process

·         Then, make sure you enter the link code accurately

·         Also, check your internet connection before reentering the code for activation.

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