Roku Com Link – Roku Error Codes and its Solutions

Roku Error Codes and its Solutions

You can see the Roku error codes when youre the Roku streaming devices ceases it usual operation and error code appears on the rokucoms screen. You can familiarize these different Roku error codes and its solutions to procure flawless streaming experience.  These error codes are nothing but error notification indicating the malfunction of the streaming device which appears in the screen. You need to resolve the Roku error codes immediately for non-stop streaming. The Roku devices need to be activated using the Roku code setup for streaming through the Roku devices. These different Roku error codes and it solutions can also be acquired by the user from our website or by contacting our technical agents.

  1. Error code 011 is available as the result if your Roku streaming device not syncs with the Roku account. This goes with the simple technique of switching the Roku device off and on. The user can follow the on screen instruction displayed by the Roku device to resolve this. The user can make sure that their Roku devices are activated using the Roku code setup procedures.
  2. Errorcode 003 occurs as the result of Roku device software not updated to its latest version and the user can check the router settings additionally.
  3. Errorcode 014 will get occur only if there is any network or router arises. Then you can check if the wireless Network connectivity and the router connections are perfect.  If you use a wired connection then check if the Ethernet cable is intact.
  4. Errorcode 003 occurs due to the Roku device not able to get update on its software. This malfunction could have happened due to different reasons like Firewall blocking Roku from updating its software, DNS error Out-dated Software or an incompatible Rokucoms device upgrade. You can fix the issue by rebooting the router or by resetting the Roku device Also try disabling the firewall settings. Moreover, try updating the software using the secret screen.
  5. Errorcode 009 occurs when the rokucoms streaming device is unable to hook with Network connectivity. In that case the user can try rebooting the streaming device and the also the router. The user still found the error they can try removing the power cord and then plug it again to resolve it.

Navigate to the Home screen and then can press the Fast-forward button, then the Rewind button X2 and then click on the Software Update option. Make sure your network connection is active and its connection is intact with the Rokucoms Streaming Device. Error code 011 occurs in common while the streaming device is not up-to-date. Hence you can resolve the error. Ensure the network router has good signal strength. You can unplug and reconnect the Roku Streaming device to the Power supply after few minutes. Once these troubleshooting procedures are complete, make sure there is no Roku error codes display

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If you still face the problem visit our website or contact our toll customer care at +1-855-203-0401 executives for further help.


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