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Get all the full-length movies, episodes, TV shows, minisodes and much more only on Crackle com Activate on the Roku. With a range of genres to its credit including horror, crime, sci-fi, thriller, comedy, etc., Crackle offers choices from its other categories as well. Lately, Crackle on the Roku, overhauled its interface to provide viewers with a renewed experience.

From within the Roku itself, users can create personalized watchlists and queues by adding videos. The Crackle website invites subscribers to create accounts and log in to it through the Roku player’s channel listing. The device then syncs all the account data, consequently.

  • To activate Crackle on Roku, go to the Channel Store on the player and find the Crackle icon for the related app.
  • Add it to the player by following instructions that appear as soon as you select an option.
  • Roku players require a separate login, so, do the needful and sign in to your Roku account.
  • Thereafter, you will receive a Crackle activation code on the TV screen
  • Turn to your computer again, to go to to enter the code and to simultaneously login to your Crackle account
  • Generally, this is a one-time process and does not require users to sync again and again.

Crackle com activate is a free channel that has been around in the OTT world for a very long time. It provides users with a range of entertainment choices. Recently, Crackle revamped its interface to provide viewers with better viewing experience.

As one of the earliest entrants on Roku, even when other things were not available, Crackle, today, gives users a better recommendation of programming.

Some of the Sony Crackle’s top shows and series includes StartUp, Seinfeld, The oath, Chosen and All in the family. It has aired numerous movies across all genres. Superbad, Kung Fu Hustle, Whiplash, Alien Hunter and The Green Hornet are some of the popular movies on Crackle.

The older interface consisted of a big white background and a logo, which was an old-fashioned look. But now, with a newer background and clear menu lineups, the interface is sleeker and looks more modern. In fact, the background continuously runs the show for the week when you enter and browse the items.

Category searches still remain traditional but there are some really great features added to the Crackle app. The menu now is broken up into:

  • TV

Go into each of the above categories to find a submenu that further breaks it down. For example, click on TV and you will see additional titles such as ALL GENRES, FULL EPISODES, and SORTED BY: A TO Z. Each of these let you find in-depth content. Click on ALL GENRES and you will see sub-categories such as:

If you click on FULL EPISODES, it splits into choices such as CLIPS and TRAILERS. Finally, if you were to click on the SORTED BY: A TO Z to look for content alphabetically, it breaks down your choice to see Z TO A or watch the RECENTLY ADDED.

Content on Crackle Com Activate is constantly rotated to keep it fresh. Sony Crackle comes with a vast library of programming titles from companies such as Screen Gems, Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, including partnering for content with the likes of 20th Century Fox and Paramount Pictures, only to name a few.


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