How to use Roku

Roku is the device which is finest in approach when it comes to the Comfort and entertainment. There are a minimal setup and connection requirement which is necessary to run the Roku. There are certain types of devices such as Roku Express, Roku streaming stick, Roku streaming stick plus, and more which require certain steps to get connected.

  • Connect your Roku box or the streaming device to your TV. For this, turn on your TV, select the language.
  • Now establish the connection which may be wired or wireless.
  • If you are using the WiFi, you will be able to see all the networks which are available. Choose the Wifi that you are accessing and then enter the password.
  • Now enter the activation code, go to and enter the code as instructed.
  • Create the user, password and other information which are asked you to fill as instructed.

Appealing Features

Voice search

you are allowed to search and operate the content on the Roku with the voice. Just sit, relax, command and the TV will start working on your voice.

4K Support Channel

watching your favorite content with high-definition gives you a perfect experience. This will make it more appealing and worth buying the services.

Roku Channels

You are offered free as well as the subscribed channels on Roku. You have the opportunity to pay what you choose. Make your pay worth for what you watch

Private Listening

Earphones are available with the device which helps you to listen the content privately. You can enjoy the content privately without disturbing others.

Private Channels

you can make the channels private by keeping a secured password on it. Secure the channels which you wish to and operate by entering the Password code.


Roku devices are much attractive in size and style. Also, it is much flexible in nature because you can carry the device anywhere and everywhere.

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