Business woman in charge

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For some, the dream to be your own boss grows for a long time, even years, before it finally comes to fruition. We asked some of our favorite women entrepreneurs to share how they got their start in business. Their answers revealed the deep motivators and personal qualities that drove them to make their big idea a reality. Rather, it was borne out of necessity. After 13 years mastering my craft , I was still an employee and I simply had reached a ceiling of how much money I could earn in my career. Instead of giving up, I started to develop a deep sense of passion for motivating and educating myself to reach greater heights in business and income.

After 13 years of self-employment, I still challenge myself to create on a larger and larger scale every year. Without any fashion or business experience before starting Nasty Gal, Sophia credits much of her hard-earned success to her inability to accept failure as an option. Work, jump on the metro over to the studio, train capoeira for hours, then do administrative work before bed. Weekends were filled with classes, performances, and putting up fliers around the city to attract new students to the school. I got pneumonia from the non-stop grueling pace, and realized I needed to make a career move.

So, contrary to how I advise my clients , I leapt with no plan, just the desire to get off the merry-go-round and find a more sustainable path. I started working as a consultant, and I felt like a huge fire was lit inside of me. I loved being a consultant. My problem had never been about the work, it was more about the right work mode. I knew how to create and fund big programs.

I knew how to build a network and mobilize people to a cause. I knew how to sell and market. So, now that I had my own shingle out, I took off and built a thriving and fulfilling practice. I then purchased an existing blog business, and almost overnight, started making more money than I had in my job. Tara, one of our most successful business instructors here at CreativeLive, has successfully gone from selling her services, to packaging them into digital products for her clients.

Inspired by these women? Want to build your own business? Tara Gentile to learn more from one of our resident experts. It took me the ensuing 5 years to understand the lesson in her passing. She had been a maverick in her field, an Oscar winning actress who knew at age 7 what she wanted. It took me a bit longer. However, I was still frustrated that I was not in charge of my day and my decisions. I said I did, and dug my heels in. Arguing with your manager when you need your job is never wise. I walked out. I launched immediately while taking up side jobs supervising a catering kitchen and teaching busy professionals aka potential clients for my interior de practice during evening education programs.

I worked 15 hour days, 6 days a week, because I wanted to. I was totally on fire. Today, I de both home and business environments, while also advising the business and lifestyles that go on inside of them. You will meet with unexpected success. Then I realized, if I ordered them for my friends and became a distributor, I could get mine for free. So at the age of 12, I started a poster distribution business out of my bedroom. I had a lot of freedom to express my ideas after all, ideas are what a magazine thrives on. But still… something was always missing.

Upon further examination, I arrived at three facts:. And here I am today! After checking into different businesses, I actually won a camera, so that sealed the deal for a photography business. I built that business by moonlighting for a few years until the income surpassed my corporate job and then went full-time.

Even though it was painful to leave my corporate security, I am forever grateful that I did, because it led to a life and business I love! I brainstormed which skills I could build upon, and what people needed. At the time, my friends were searching for more career direction, so I offered minute career clarity sessions. I booked 4 sessions and got my first three clients. Instead, I wanted to leverage my corporate experience to help small business owners build their sales processes, and develop winning sales systems that could stand the test of time. Kids can just sell lemonade on the front porch and people give them money?

I was blown away. The line of kids reached the end of the block. Mayita, my mom smiled as she made the infamous confession, the chocolates were a dollar at the store. That pillar has been instrumental in building my current creative empire. This kind of stuff is what I was meant to do! A few business ideas later, I started my copywriting business, and have never looked back. I started booking concerts for fun, and it turned into a full-time gig. While staying home as a full-time mom, I started looking for opportunities where I could use my skills to make money.

So, we took a raincheck on the generous job offers, and began searching for positions in Bend, Oregon that matched our journalism, public relations, and marketing backgrounds. We laid out plans for starting our own agency, registered a business name, drew up a list of potential clients, furnished an office barely , put a on the door, and started a six-month sprint to profitability.

When I tell business planners to know their funding runway, I speak from experience. The most influential person I discovered was James Wedmore , whose mentorship gave me the confidence and clarity to develop my business. This was the kick in the pants I needed to define and flex my entrepreneurial muscles. So, I guess you could say I got my start as an entrepreneur a couple years ago once I made the decision to go for it.

With a little coaching and a LOT of fear, I went for it and the rest is history! During that time, I was getting any and all experience I could in my field, on the side of my full-time job. I spent vacation time and extra money on conferences, networking, and working for anyone who would let me help.

First for free and then for cheap, until I had confidence in my portfolio and made the leap to focus on my business alone. Do the work. And then make it happen. Interested in building a community and helping to grow your business? Mary Fernandez is a visibility strategist who helps entrepreneurs stand out online. Check out her guide to discovering how to skyrocket your online presence.

Now is the time of women. No matter where on the spectrum of awkward to charismatic you lie, there are still moments in every conversation that…. Visited , times, 1 visits today. Every successful entrepreneur started somewhere. The truth is, great success in business grows from just one, tiny seed. Upon further examination, I arrived at three facts: 1. I wanted to be the boss.

I wanted to change the world. I had just discovered the lemonade stand. Post. Next Post. Shop Related Classes. Tags best businesswomen best female entrepreneurs best women entrepreneurs best women in business top businesswomen top female entrepreneurs top females in business top women entrepreneurs top women in business. You may also Like.

Business woman in charge

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Tara Gentile, Sophia Amoruso and More Women Entrepreneurs Share How They Got Started