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You and your family will hop into the chosen form of transportation and drive along the highway, too distracted by the sights around you to be able to absorb that this is your new home. From here, the rest is up to you; where will this car take you? What will your new home look like? What will the community be like? Where is the school campus? There are countless unknowns when moving to a new place, even if your family has done it before. This is your guide outlining everything you need to know to make Tanzania feel like home. Let's explore how learning about the country, the local culture, your new community and discovering the limitless benefits of a good school can make the transition into your new home a seamless one.

According to the Tanzania Tourist Board, the nation has more wild animals and more surface water per square kilometer than any other country in Africa. Finally, there is a short rain season from November to December. Diplomatic missions and non-governmental organizations also have a presence in the city. Moving to a new country is both thrilling and terrifying. One of the easiest ways to embrace your new city is to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Learn at least some of the local language of Swahili. How much? What better way to experience the local culture than by trying Tanzanian delicacies. Go where the locals go: If you and your family walk by a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that seems to have few to no seats left and potentially a line up down the street, you are guaranteed a delicious meal. Make sure to find your spot in line. If you prefer to have a final destination in mind rather than aimlessly walking the streets of Dar, here are a few suggestions of local restaurants to check out.

Delicious, flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth barbecue, Mamboz is one of the most exceptional restaurants in Tanzania and guarantees you an authentic Tanzanian dish while also experiencing the hustle and bustle of the city around you. If you and your family make the trip to Mamboz, come hungry! With the perfect combination of modern and traditional, this restaurant will be quite the treat. Keep in mind, the location is a little difficult to find, but the food and the experience are well worth the time it takes. If you and your partner are looking for a night out dancing, this place also has great music and is open late on the weekends.

Some traditions and values may be vastly different from what you and your family are used to, Shadow's of Africa, a travel agency in Tanzania , is an excellent source to understand what to expect once you arrive in your new home. Ilala has a sizeable Asian expat community and is a middle to higher-income population with many shopping centers, merchants and markets. If you and your family like to shop, this is the place for you. Kinondoni is the most popular expat community, especially with European and Asian demographics. This area is close to Oyster Bay Beach, which is the perfect way to spend a day with your family.

Dar, known for its beautiful harbor and nearby beaches, also has a rich history. When you explore the downtown core, you'll see museums, historical landmarks and countless restaurants. There is lots of exploring to be done, but we wanted to give you a clear and easy-to-follow list of some family-friendly weekend activities, so you and your family can get right into experiencing your new home. With a more hands-on approach, the Village Museum offers families a glimpse at traditional Tanzanian homes.

Each home contains historical items, and villagers show guests how to weave, make pottery and do carvings, an irreplaceable experience for any family. Fun City is an amusement park, which offers attractions to please the whole family. This is the largest water park in East and Central Africa, so there are lots of play areas, slides and pools for you and your children to explore.

On the topic of cooling down in the rather hot city of Dar es Salaam, why not take your family to the picturesque Kigamboni Beach? Lay back under an umbrella in the soft, white sand with a book, while you watch your children frolic in the water. Kigamboni Beach is also a great place for authentic and delicious street food. When your time in Dar comes to an end, how can you ensure their international education enables a transition back to their home country that is as seamless as possible?

Children need security and stability to thrive. Their environment, both at home and at school, is the basis from which they establish their sense of belonging. Moving to a new country disrupts life as they know it. When considering school options, four key components should be present in a healthy school community: both parent and student involvement, supportive and diverse faculty members and service learning programmes that provide students with the opportunity to connect and give back to their new community. Yes, when you walk onto a campus with a strong sense of community, you should see children playing on the playground, sports teams competing on the field and children eagerly running to their classrooms.

You should hear the sound of laughter and happiness in the air and witness people who are generally excited to be at school. These are all things that need to be in place for the school to be the right one for your children, but what are the specific things you should search for when looking for this strong sense of community? They inspire a love for curiosity and life-long learning and are modeling what it means to be a global citizen. Teachers should also ensure their classrooms are welcoming, a place where students want to be.

Classes should be well lit, full of students engaged in what the teacher is saying. Student artwork and other bright, learning materials should cover the walls. Most importantly, the teachers themselves should make everyone in the classroom feel like they are part of something important.

Teachers at the IST go above and beyond to make sure their students feel at home both on the school campus as a whole and in the classroom. During this time, and her years teaching all over the world, she has honed some exceptional techniques when it comes to the classroom. Another exceptional teacher at IST, Deanna Milne, understands that relocation can be intimidating for children at first, but the school does an excellent job of making it feel like home.

With regards to students making the initial transition, the faculty and the school, in general, have specific ways of helping to make it easier. Aside from the faculty and the programmes at IST, Milne expressed how students make their peers feel comfortable and welcomed. Finding out a new kid is coming to school is comparable to Christmas morning - they can't wait to meet them, find out where they're from, their interests, etc.

Both Milne and Voaga agree that the students and the faculty work together to promote a welcoming atmosphere. When it comes to an excellent student body, diversity makes the experience even more rewarding , allowing children to learn from one another. Students coming from different backgrounds help create a learning environment where all students benefit.

During your search for a school, look for one that will provide your family with an experience similar to the following. The internationally minded person takes action through discussion and collaboration to help build a better and peaceful world. The IB Programme aims to do this by teaching students intercultural understanding and respect. Students enrolled in the IB Programme become active, compassionate, lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.

International schools following the IB Programme inspire students to open their eyes to world issues and become both global and national citizens by promoting international-mindedness. You are also moving to a new place and will need to establish community roots.

Becoming involved and building relationships with other parents who have experienced a similar journey is critical. Initially, and understandably, your focus will be on finding a school that will ensure your children feel comfortable and can flourish. An international school should offer several opportunities for parents to connect both on and off campus. Establishing connections with like-minded people in a variety of settings will make Dar es Salaam feel like it has always been your home.

A parent governed school simply means a school whose governing board is primarily comprised of parents. Through active participation, parents can easily integrate into the local community, help the school continue to prosper and make sure students get the most out of their time. Look for a school which offers a board of governors comprised of parents as this will give you the opportunity to get involved and have input into what goes on in the school community. As part of the Board, you will have ificant responsibilities and will also be able to establish connections with fellow parents.

Maybe you want to assist others the way you were initially helped? Parent networks are an exceptional opportunity to get involved in the school as they help create the sense of community on campus. During these lessons, you will learn something new and meet fellow parents. Class parents are an important component to a well-run school. The roles of a class parent usually include:. There are numerous ways to get involved be it a one-time appearance or a multiple-year commitment, each crucial to making the school atmosphere welcoming for everyone:.

Encouraging your children to seek out opportunities to connect with other students and become involved in various programmes will help their transition and increase their sense of belonging. Having a school community that feels like home helps make this transition easier. Varsity sports are an exceptional way to embody school spirit, make friendships that closely mirror family and maintain both emotional and physical health. ISSEA is a prestigious international league of eight schools who compete on a wide range of activities from football, basketball, swimming and volleyball to robotics and STEM projects.

Varsity sports teach students many skills: teamwork, how to be strategic thinkers and time management skills; the list of benefits is endless. Being part of a varsity sport introduces your children to intense competition where they master the skill of stress management. Individuals who gain these skills throughout Primary and Secondary School propel themselves into a prosperous future.

As a member of a varsity sports team, your child may have the opportunity to explore other parts of the world. IST student who swims on the varsity team. Activities, such as music, drama, fine arts, writing, photography, videography and robotics, give children the opportunity to practice creative approaches to problem-solving, expression and communication. When moving to a new home and a new country, where nothing is familiar, having a creative outlet for self-expression will help make the transition easier.

Clubs allow children to explore their interests outside of the academic curriculum and at the same time, meet like-minded people. Encouraging your children to find an extra-curricular activity, no matter where their interests lay, is essential because it allows them to experience something new, which inherently will help them feel more at home. Members of the Student Council are given the opportunity to participate in student politics and have a say on what goes on at the school.

They play a pivotal role in making decisions, planning initiatives and being the voice of the students. These are valuable lessons that help build character and the ability to challenge oneself. Being in such an influential decision-making position will help your children quickly feel at home in their new school as they will have a say in creating a positive experience for themselves and others.

Do you want your children to be actively engaged in the community, for them to help those in need and stand up for what is right? Service learning initiatives combine academics and volunteering. This is a programme mandated by the IB curriculum and is required for students to complete the Diploma Programme.

Throughout grades 11 and 12, students take on a leadership role in a personal programme of CAS activities. Teachers serve as mentors and cheerleaders encouraging students to work with others and within their communities thoughtfully, respectfully and compassionately to create positive change.

Students gain support through leadership training opportunities as well as hands-on skill development in areas such as time, resource and event management. Hopefully, you have learned something new about the local culture, what the expat community looks like, ideas of things to do with your family, what to look for within the school community and how students can get involved. We wish you all the best during your move and settling into your new home. A parent at IST puts it best with the following statement:.

Judith Sequiera, class of , gets to put her passion for connecting with great people and making great plans to good use in her HR profession. There's a new way to solve Quadratic Equations. An enterprising Grade 9 student made a whole lesson about it! Close Menu. Search: Submit Search. We explore these key areas that will help settling into your new life in Dar es Salaam easier. Let us help you settle into your new life in Dar es Salaam with this fact-filled eBook. Download it today! Home to the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania is a beautiful country, known for its breathtaking landscape and its diverse animal population.

About Tanzania According to the Tanzania Tourist Board, the nation has more wild animals and more surface water per square kilometer than any other country in Africa. Before the move, there are a few things you need - or might want - to know. Mamboz Restaurant Delicious, flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth barbecue, Mamboz is one of the most exceptional restaurants in Tanzania and guarantees you an authentic Tanzanian dish while also experiencing the hustle and bustle of the city around you.

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Friend chatting community tz

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