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You need to persuade by your business. You need to do all the things that will please your girlfriend, remember to say the nice words. And if a friend will see that your girlfriend is happy with you, she will not think bad about you. You do not have to prove anybody your intentions, your love to this girl, in any case, you should not lose self-esteem. After all, your sweetheart can be a storyteller, glosses over the stories about you, does not tell everything. In this case a friend can specifically talk about you bad things and forecast the collapse of your relationship.

If both of you really want to have lasting relationship which are building on the feelings, both of you have strong feelings to each other, the friends will not be against you, because they love their friend so much and appreciate her choice. But if your woman consults with them about everything, and do not want ever hear you, this is a cause for concern. In any conditions should not try to flirt with her friends. This may be a test for you, a friend play such a game with you, and then she gives a detailed report to your girlfriend about what kind of the bad guy you are. Otherwise, you may lose the girl of your dreams, and her friends will think that you are a womanizer and a pick up artist.

Women hate men who stare at their friends, this greatly offends their female ego. Do not ignore her friends in general. The ability to speak to everyone, who are sitting near the table, shows that you are capable of the platonic relationships with women. This is doubly important if she came with just one friend.

But if she will be only with one girl, she does not want to hurt her or make her to be bored by the inattention. Plus, if you want to please her friends, continue to fascinate them; just do not go in it too far. Make a contact with her friends, and you come across as natural and social person, not an insidious predator. Once you have established a good relationship with a group of her friends, ask what she would like to drink and she would make sure that you pay for it.

Help her to wear a coat when you are going outside to smoke. The old-fashioned chivalry is rare, and it makes women extremely impressed. Soon they will praise you. No matter whether she is a supporter of the equal rights on the workplace, in society and in relationships, or anywhere else, she still wants to be treated like a lady. Perform any of the above events will show that you appreciate it. This is the one of the oldest axioms, but it is still effective.

Women feel when men do not believe in himself, and it repels them. Believe it or not, but what is going on in your head consciously and unconsciously , manifested in all that you do. Therefore, to create an atmosphere of confidence is very important.

You show the people how to treat you through your behavior. Her friends do not want to hear about your recent merger, your car, your house and your latest adventures of the night away. You can bring a company to the boredom. Obviously, you really want to talk a little bit about yourself, but do not make it like the point of obsession.

They will think that are interesting to you. And you are the perfect match for their friend. Also during the conversations you do not need very much to bring your point of view, thus drowning out the others, if you want to say something, do it calmly and respect the fact that everyone else will say.

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Friends future girlfriend

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