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In interviews, Jodie Foster usually refrains from saying which of her films are her least favorites, but she has let it slip that this movie isn't particularly one she is fond of, explaining, "When people are there to simply do a job they don't have any passion for, those are nearly always bad films. One of five films that actress Jodie Foster starred in during the year , to date, still Foster's most prolific year. Alexis Smith bemoaned the fact that she "had only two scenes. They used to call these 'small roles,' now they say 'cameos. Hallet slaps Rynn across her face.

It's OK. A ificant role for Mort Shuman, who played Miglioriti. He is best known as half of the celebrated songwriting team with Doc Pomus. Actress Jodie Foster wore a wig to play Rynn in the film. Foster's hair in real life at the time was much shorter.

The film was very controversial when it came out, dealing not just with a homicidal child, but pedophilia, rape and underage sex. Foster has also said in interviews that the producers of the movie made her feel "very uncomfortable. The age of the character that Jodie Foster played was thirteen. Foster basically played the same age she was in real life. Foster actually celebrated her 13th birthday during principal photography and turned that age about five days into the shoot. In the film, Mrs. Hallet accuses Rynn of "drinking that thick sweet wine that you people use in your religious rituals.

Martin Sheen wanted to play Mario but was too old for the part and was instead cast as Frank. The make and model of the luxury car that Mrs. The film was made and released about two years after its source novel of the same name by Laird Koenig was first published in Koenig also wrote the screenplay for the movie. The film, mostly set in a house, like Stephen King's Misery , evokes the feeling of having being based on a stage play, when actually it is based on a novel.

The author, Laird Koenig, eventually adapted the novel twenty-three years later as a stage play for the theatre. It was first performed around According to the film's major fan site about Jodie Foster's costume, "the Moroccan dress Rynn is introduced wearing is called a djellaba or djellabah.

It's a traditional long loose fitting outer robe with full sleeves worn in the Maghreb region of North Africa and in Arabic-speaking countries along the Mediterranean. The baggy hood is called a cob and most djellabas for both men and women have them. The film's soundtrack was released on vinyl only in Japan. Christian Gaubert's main theme was also released in Asia as a 45 rpm single. In , the soundtrack was released to CD in a limited quantity by Disques Cinemusique, based in Quebec.

Even though he is never actually seen throughout the entire movie, the word "father" is spoken exactly 80 times within the first 75 minutes of the movie, an average of more than once every minute. The production shoot for this film ran for around six months per the AFI Catalog entry for this film. Despite being filmed in late , this film takes place almost exactly one year earlier, starting on Halloween night, and extending into November, This can be deduced because Rynn visits the Town Hall on a Saturday and the calendar re November 2.

Filmed in Canada, on a relatively small budget for a feature film, taking advantage of the government's generous tax incentives offered to film productions that began in The title comes from a traditional Mother Goose nursery rhyme, which had its originals in British folklore from the s, called Baa Baa Black Sheep. Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full! One for the master! One for the Dame! One for the little boy who lives down the lane.

Ironically, the original last line of the poem was "the little boy who CRIES down the lane", but this was changed over the years, probably because sobbing was deemed too disturbing. As this film was originally conceived as a stage play, there are no more than three actors in a scene at any given time. On the bus Rynn is reading a paperback book of selected poems by Emily Dickinson , published by Dell in their Laurel Poetry series in the early s.

Around fourteen years later actress Jodie Foster later worked on Catchfire with Charlie Sheen, the son of Martin Sheen, her co-star in this film. The next picture that this film's director Nicolas Gessner directed after this movie also had a long title with eight words, it being It Rained All Night the Day I Left The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane still remains today [to date, May ] as being the movie with the longest title that actress Jodie Foster has ever appeared in.

As Jodie Foster made five films in it's possible to sequence the order of production based on the length of her hair. Although she does wear a wig in "Little Girl", production notes indicate that the time of filming was November and December of that year.

Zev Braun: Uncredited, the producer as a man at the TD Bank wearing a white collared shirt and beige jacket. Scott Jacoby told Seventeen Magazine in that the hamster they used in the cigarette scene was already dead, but that the shot gave Jodie Foster the fits anyway. Foster went on record as saying one of the producers on this film was "nuts," explaining that he wanted her to show more skin and she refused. Foster had a terrible time with the sexual scene upstairs with Mario.

Although her older sister did the shot, Foster was very upset that viewers would think this was her and fought and cried with the producers, to no avail. Jodie Foster was thirteen at the time of filming and refused to appear nude in the bedroom scene. Thus, her older sister, Connie Foster uncredited , was used as her body double in the film's brief nude sequence.

For the scene in which Frank Hallet kills Gordon the Hamster, the hamster is real, but was already dead. It was obtained from a hospital where it was used in research purposes. Rodent squealing noises were added in later during post-production. In spite of the hamster being already dead, Jodie Foster was allegedly genuinely upset during the scene where it was "killed.

In the book, Rynn kills Mrs. Hallet by putting a gas pipe in the basement to suffocate her. However, the people financing the film objected to Rynn murdering Mrs. Hallet, so it was changed in the movie and Mrs. Hallet's death is accidental when a trapdoor hits Mrs. Hallet on the head. The movie closes with a closeup of Jodie Foster's character's face that lasts a full 3 minutes.

Some of the film's early posters featured dressed in a frilly lace dress, cuddling a teddy bear while standing in a graveyard. Since Rynn never visits a graveyard, nor is one shown in the film, she also doesn't have a teddy bear and doesn't ever wear a dress like that, it's assumed that the poster was only deed that way to promote the "killer kid thriller" concept that was popular at the time. Some movie posters for the film featured a long text preamble that read: "She was only a little girl.

She lived in a great big house Where is her mother? Where is her father? Where are all the people who went to visit her? What is her unspeakable secret? Everyone who knows is dead. One of two 'murder-around-the-house' thrillers released in , the other suspense film was End Play The film is similar to another s thriller which is about a pre-teen child involved in a murder of an adult.

In the film, What the Peeper Saw , the film's year-old main antagonist Marcus Mark Lester murders his mother whom appeared to have had died in a mysterious bathtub accident and Marcus takes a sexual interest in his stepmother Elsie Britt Ekland which they are seen in bed together It is implied they had sex and both films end with the death of the main antagonist.

The end of the movie has a 13 year old getting in bed with a 19 year old, which is one reason that when it was released there was a lot of controversy over the film. In the bedroom scene which Rynn strips naked it is implied that Rynn and Mario have sex. If so, this would mean that Mario who is 19 broke the law as it is illegal for a minor below the age of 18 to have sex with an adult.

In the film, Rynn is 13 and hasn't reached the age of consent. In the narrative behind Rynn staring at Frank during the end credits. Rynn was watching Frank die when he drank the poisoned tea. In. First top-billed lead role in a major motion picture for actress Jodie Foster.

Girls of Foster nude

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