Hookers in Fort Smith

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A jury trial is set for September 26, if a negotiated plea is not arranged before that date by her court appointed public defender, Jessica Duncan. It is interesting a Gibson has a public defender in that she is driving around in a brand new pick-up truck, often see parked at the home of Judge Jim O'Hern. Gibson and O'Hern were both arrested by Little Rock Police back on December 2, at a sketchy west Little Rock extended stay hotel that has a reputation as a site frequented by prostitutes and drug dealers after a room inspection by hotel staff found a small bag of meth in their room in a nightstand drawer.

O'Hern freely admitted to detectives that Gibson was his girlfriend O'Hern filed for a divorce from his wife in November , days after being elected to the beach with her help. O'Hern told detectives that he had paid for the room with his credit card, but had only spent one night with her there, the night of December 1st. O'Hern claimed that he was in Little Rock for a "noon meeting" and was at Sonic getting lunch for that "noon meeting". WTF Jimbo, all those years practicing law and that's the story you tell the police??? We have tried to find out exactly what the meeting was that O'Hern was allegedly in town to attend, one that he would be eating a lunch from Sonic while attending.

O'Hern denied any use of illegal drugs and told detectives that if Gibson was a drug user he would be done with her. Here are portions of the statement O'Hern gave the police :. Gibson first told detectives that O'Hern was just her lawyer and he knew nothing about the drugs.

Then in another interview, after the detectives interviewing both suspects compared notes, Gibson admitted that the drugs were hers. Gibson never came clean about what her source of employment really was. She told the police she was in "advertising" and had multiple men come to her room that didn't use their real name. The hotel reciept lists her employer as Walmart. O'Hern is currently under investigation by the Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission and they have conducted an extensive, far reaching investigation they even sought information from the publisher of this blog.

We expect that they will be wrapping that up in the very near future. Don't hold your breath waiting for them to remove O'Hern as that is unlikey to happern. Judges can kill their children and Judges can drive when they are so drunk that they can't stand up and still stay on the bench and on the public payroll.

A judge that may or may not use meth and might or might not be a pimp will probably get a stern warning and be allowed to carry on. This BlogThis! Newer Post Older Post Home.

Hookers in Fort Smith

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