I am single you there

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But I recommend blaming Plato. But the truth is there are 17 million singletons in the UK , roughly one in three of the adult population. And yet paradoxically, you can be so busy that you actually scupper your own opportunity. And watch out for the blind spots. If you socialise only at a weekly brunch with coupled-up friends each Saturday, at least ask them if they have any recommendations of people they could introduce you to. Despite the fact that most of us have been burned at some point along the relationship road, not so many of us like to admit to it, especially if we were on the receiving end of infidelity or abusive behaviour.

Since the notion of romantic love took amorous embrace of marriage in the Victorian era, the emphasis has been on an all-encompassing, monogamous arrangement that lasts the best part of a lifetime — a lifetime that was considerably shorter back in the day. But married monogamy may not be the relationship model that suits you.

As we cease needing to be married in order to be socially accepted, other possibilities open up. This could be the year you opt to change that, and with it, your luck in love. Everywhere we turn, coupledom is celebrated as a life ideal. Even having and raising a baby does not have to be a lone job if you have the right support network. But just remember — singleness in and of itself is not necessarily a problem. Companionship, fun, stimulating conversation and love are all still yours for the taking. The autocomplete questions Relationships. This article is more than 3 years old. Nichi Hodgson.

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I am single you there

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