I only talk to bad bitchs

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Contrary to widely held beliefs, piercings, tattoos or other body modifications do not make a girl a bad bitch. Bad bitches try to understand. The baddest bitches in the world are the ones who actually take the time to step out of their comfort zones and try to understand the world from a different perspective. Basic bitches think they should be accepted for who they are, while bad bitches continually strive to improve themselves. While the basic bitch wants a man that will handle her at her worst, a bad bitch wants a man that will make her better.

Bad bitches expand their horizons. The bad bitch knows that a diverse group of friends and experiences is the key to personal growth and development. Bad bitches view everything as a resource, even the struggles. Bad bitches write their own terms. While basic bitches rely on the Internet to tell them what they should be doing at a certain age, a bad bitch knows that fun, happiness and hope have no age limits.

Some of the baddest bitches I know range in age from 20 to Lots of pretty girls can get in the front door, but the baddest bitches are the ones who end up in the penthouse of the life that they built for themselves. Photo Courtesy: Tumblr. By Zoe Zorka. Quavondo Nguyen. Here are a few ways to tell the difference between a bad bitch and a basic bitch: It has nothing to do with looks. Basic bitches judge. Basic bitches quote Marilyn Monroe. Basic bitches stick to what they know.

Bad bitches do not brunch. Basic bitches talk about people, while bad bitches talk about ideas. Bad bitches know that gossiping is a waste of time. A basic bitch lives in fear, while a bad bitch lives in hope. A basic bitch thinks looks are everything. Search Close.

I only talk to bad bitchs

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10 Ways To Tell The Difference Between A Bad B*tch And A Basic B*tch