I want to take someone on a date

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Who else had a Sadie Hawkins dance in middle or high school? You know, basically Bumble before it was Bumble. Even year-old girls want the autonomy of asking their partner out! Yeah, I went there. Many of us have quite narrow views of what rejection actually means.

When you feel confident in yourself, especially in the person you are, it makes this process ificantly easier. Start here first, and then build on this! However, if they look closed-off or bored, asking them out might not result in an answer you want. First: actually get to know them. Find out what they like and what you two have in common. Group dates are a no-pressure way to get to know someone.

Invite them for drinks or to see a show with you and a group of your friends. This also allows you to interact with this person in a stress-free environment. Dates are awkward, we all know this. This is the easiest, most foolproof way to ask someone out.

If you already have plans to go to dinner, drinks, a movie, a museum, an event, or basically anything, tell them to come. This also makes rejection a little bit sweeter. This is a very organic way to ask someone out via text. My friends and I are going to brunch on Saturday. You should come! Let me know! Women are fully capable of buying drinks for men!!!

See a cute guy at the bar and keep making eye contact? Walk up and make a joke about his drink order. My go-to is to ask who he thinks has the most basic drink order—usually, I lose, so I buy him a drink to celebrate his winning. Think of it as a way to break the ice. Onto the next one! Source: Rawpixel. Source: andres chaparro Pexels. Log In Good to see you again.

I want to take someone on a date

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