Jacksonville nc strip club

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Erik Avanier , Reporter. Under that declaration, the strip club would be shut down permanently. Councilman Carlucci says this place will soon be declared a public nuisance based on criminal grounds. Leaving trash all over the place. Most recently -- last weekend when three people were shot outside the club as the place was emptying. One of the people died at the scene. The other two were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. Rachael Rich was at home with her children when they heard the gunshots. He took a picture of the gun before police collected it for evidence.

Other neighbors say they saw someone shooting towards Mascaras while running away, he added. Nine years ago, a year-old man was shot and killed inside the club. The following year, a year old man was shot and killed. Back then, police say they responded to the club eight times between and to investigate gunfire.

The owner of the club did not wish to be interviewed. He said he was shocked to learn city leaders wanted to close the business down. Award-winning broadcast and multimedia journalist with 20 years experience. A river flood warning and a rip current statement in effect for 6 regions in the area. Local News. Published: August 6, pm Updated: August 7, am.

Tags: Jacksonville , Duval County. About the Author:. Erik Avanier Award-winning broadcast and multimedia journalist with 20 years experience.

Jacksonville nc strip club

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