Ladies in Falkland

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The Falkland Islands has just completed its census for and reported back already. The vast majority of the Islands' population live in Port Stanley, the capital - with a falling in the surrounding 'Camp' wilderness. The UK still has a major military presence on the island. At last count it was:. The cost has been rising, although the figures below do not reflect coming cuts in the MoD's spending.

The majority of the population self-identify as either 'Falkland Islanders' or 'British', with a smaller coming from either Chile or tiny St Helena. There has been a decline in the proportion of the population from St. Helena now The agriculture of the island is still a major part of the economy and is dominated by sheep farming - surveyed every year by the government.

The Falklands is largely self-financing, apart from the costs of the military base, which are paid by the UK taxpayer. Employment in the agricultural industry has continued to decline since with employees in down from in It also varies, depending on where people live. Just over a quarter - Three quarters of the population drink alcohol too - with Almost half of the over-drinkers were men aged between 40 and Children aged ed or Elderly people defined to be those aged 65 and over ed or Cohabitation was much more prevalent amongst younger people, with almost twice as many people aged cohabiting than were married.

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Ladies in Falkland

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