Ladies is your ideal man

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First and foremost are respect and honesty. Women want a man who has respect for himself and shows respect to others. An honest man is, generally speaking, a trustworthy man. Someone who lies is lying for a reason, so it stands to reason that someone who is open and honest has nothing to hide. Another important aspect to look for in a man is loyalty. Really, does this need any explanation? Your kisses are for her, your sweet nothings are for her ears only, your romantic nights out belong to her, and so on.

Apart from the primary qualities mentioned above there are quite a few qualities woman are looking for. Maturity being a very important quality. A woman wants a man, not . It is also important that the man is confident as well. Is it really a big surprise? Women want their men to be intelligent.

Finally, the other two important qualities that woman look for are Compassion and Chivalry. Ignore the extremists; most women would love to have a man open the car door for them, take their jacket, or walk them to the door after a date. Sure, women can do it themselves, but going out of your way to do something for them every now and then will make them feel really good about themselves. A thank you here, a romantic dinner there, and a little more effort every day, and you can easily have a perfectly happy woman at your side.

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Ladies is your ideal man

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