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The current college class breakdown of women to men is , which means that there will be about one-third more women than men with college degrees when graduation arrives. Recent debates about dating and sex have been seriously lacking in data. Birger points to a relatively overlooked book, Too Many Women?

Guttentag and Secord noticed there was an over-supply of young, single women when the Women's Liberation movement and the sexual revolution blossomed. Further research showed that societies tended to skew away from monogamy when men were in scarce supply.

Birger focuses on the admittedly by his own limited college-educated set and adroitly outlines that the disparity has been building for decades, but without us ever fully recognizing its influence. He crunches data from the National Center for Education Statistics and includes very helpful charts in the appendix showing that was the last year that more men than women graduated from a four-year undergraduate program.

Not for nothing are there 39 percent more women ages 22 to 29 with college degrees in Manhattan than men in the same bracket, with a gap of , between female and male college degree holders under the age of 35 in the entire city. Fort Lauderdale has 71 percent more female college gr than male between ages , followed by Providence, which has 60 percent more. One woman recalls a boyfriend who felt entitled to grope her friend right in front of her because he thought he deserved a threesome. In short, he is a total asshole who plays off the insecurity of the s games to solely satiate his sexual desires.

His data provides concrete, liberating evidence that we should stop over-analyzing the nonsense minutiae of modern dating. Right or not. In fact, the dating advice that is offered up in Date-Onomics runs refreshingly against the courtship narratives that are most restrictive for women. Birger counters these women are not, in fact, desperate. They would rather not take their chance than put themselves out there and get rejected. Perfectly Acceptable rather than holding out to 40 for Mr.

My initial response to this was panic. In the hands of a patronizing writer, or worse, a smug married person, Data-Onomics content would be hard to digest. He is fairly optimistic that the dating culture will change once people are aware of the demographics realities. California, Colorado, and Washington tend to be states with gender ratios friendlier to women.

In Santa Clara County among the age group, there are 38 percent more single men than women and 48 percent more single men than women in the group, The county tends to have fewer divorces, too—another upshot of men being scarce. But a big move may not be possible for someone with a full career and social life—and Birger understands that this suggestion is untenable.

This disparity is not exclusive to the U. I was trading s recently with a dating book author, and he made this comment that classism is a bigger problem in dating than racism. Crossword Newsletters. TECH Disinformation. Emily Shire. Updated Apr. In seven of the couples, the woman pursued the men.

Ladies seeking sex Purgatory Colorado

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