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When icons and legends die, we remember the impact of their lives on a community. We remember how their spirit and passion for life touched so many. She dined with Mina Edison, she restored an historic building in downtown Fort Myers into a magnificent arts center that has become a cultural hub for the community and is named for both Berne and her late husband, Sidney. Her philanthropic influence flows through generations of people who have come to know her, appreciate the arts and nature.

She was years old - celebrating a birthday on Saturday - when she passed early Monday morning. She personified good taste and beauty — not only with how she carried herself, but how others saw her. She received gifts, including a bronze sculpture of herself, but the true gift was what she gave back to others. The sculpture, deed by local artist David Meo, was crafted through pictures of Davis, through stories shared about the incredible woman, and the creativity of the artist. That smile on her face is a smile of appreciation.

Davis also appreciated and covtged her friendships, especially one with Mina Edison, the wife of Thomas Edison. Davis considered Mina her mentor. She met Mina one evening when the Davises were invited over for dinner. Sidney had already met Mina, but Berne was apprehensive about her first meeting.

She was a lovely person and thought all women should have something to do. That inspirational message was all Davis needed and created a lifetime of giving that will touch this community for centuries to come. There is an endowed professorship in landscape de and horticulture at FGCU. Davis grew up in Hamilton County, the daughter of a lumberman. She and her family moved to Slater, now North Fort Myers, in She met Sidney at a party, actually a pre-marriage party where Sidney was supposed to bring the girl he was dating at the time, Barbara B.

She quickly became No. They never had children so the Davises spent a bulk of their time volunteering. More than that. Davis also was heavily influenced by the giving, generosity and cultural expertise of Barbara B. She met her while Mann served as the secretary to the principal at Fort Myers High. It was Mann, Caroline Hill and Davis, who took a peek inside the federal courthouse one day, an idea blossomed and arts was born in downtown Fort Myers.

What better way to balance what Mann had helped create in the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Center than to have another arts treasure for the community to embrace. Facebook Twitter . Berne Davis, 'first lady of Fort Myers' remembered: Our view. The News-Press Editorial Board mailbag news-press. Share your feedback to help improve our site!

Lady dating Berne

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Lady dating berne