Lets have drinks tonight

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Let's all get drunk tonight. Hell yeah. I hope I don't fight with a punk tonight. Let's all get high tonight. Maybe nobody will die tonight. C'mon, dance with me baby, c'mon. Let's all sell yell tonight. Sling yay. I hope I don't go back to jail tonight. Not tonight. Let's go to the club tonight. Find a woman that wanna make love tonight. Let's get dumb, drink some rum. Make my teeth and gums feel real numb. We'll be thinking 'bout surviving while we're drinking and we're driving. Hope I don't wreck when my vision gets blurry. Sober up looking at an all white jury.

Judge don't like no drunk like me. Punk might give me strike three. Let's just get lit, dance like a nitwit, try to talk to the women that we can't get with. Me and my staff make everybody laugh. If the beer runs out, we can all go half. It's Friday night. Got the perfect weather. Lets get drunk together. Let's party. We're still alive. Tomorrow brings pain and sorrow, but tonight, we're all right. Drink that beer 'til your belly can't hold it. Tell the homeboys, we fittin' to get loaded. Rollin' through the Ante-dope Valley out there.

Hope the cops don't smell That beer on my breath, cause if the sheriff catch a whiff of that fifth, it'll probly knock him stiff. Don't look dumb if my breath on hum. Stick your hand in you're pocket, please, pass some gum, So the cops can't tell my breath smell. We won't go to jail, we'll go to Palmdale With the beautiful women and the beautiful weather, we can both get drunk together.

Baby, I beg your pardon, but your outfit's giving me a hard-on. Maybe some way, maybe some how, you could dance with me, right here, right now. Been lookin' at you all night long. That DJ's playing my favorite song. Everything is splendid, don't mean no harm. Don't get offended when I pull your arm. I ain't felt this good since I don't know when, and I might not feel this good again.

It's Friday night, beautiful weather, let's get drunk together. C'mon, y'all. Find a girl that wanna make love tonight.

Lets have drinks tonight

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