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Visit Website. Send . Operating Time and Entrance fees:. OZ Swingers Club Description. OZ Swingers Club Reviews:. Appetizers Snacks. OZ is the first and only on-premise private membership club in Southwest Florida for those in the lifestyle to together for the advancement of consensual alternative sexual expression. OZ members demand only the very best! We welcome you to in the fun that is upscale in every detail and uniquely deed to turn your fantasies and desires into reality.

Dance the night away to the latest music mixed by our own DJ and sample from a buffet of appetizers. The place where discriminating, adventurous, secure adults enhance their relationships, experience alternative lifestyles and pursue the pleasures of the senses without the pressures or obligations. As you enter OZ, you will be assisted with membership and greeted by courteous and friendly people. You will be provided with a guided tour down the yellow brick road that will end with a night that will leave you wondering whether or not it was all a dream!

Title: some people are full of it. Its not miami velvet,its a place people can meet n play. No pressure atmosphere,just nice people. If your looking for a k sq. I have met the owner and the place is very alean. So those people who moan should go to miami and pay a bucks to get in for a night. Also parking and drinks. You can't make everybody happy all the time. I say bye and don't hurry back. Have fun n keep playing.

The last location wasn't the best, we played and decided to wait on returning until the new location was in place. As always, our hostess was gracious. Enjoy frequenting the club and having some quality adult time with others! Don't let the negative comments below deter you from stopping by the club for some fun. We will be back! Now the new place is in much better atmosphere.

More space to play and meet others. They have rooms that can be used for private fun or just leave the door open for voyeurism. I like the new place and to the couple I meet on Saturday it was one heel of a party we had. Three bedrooms one with a sex swing,big social area ,outside smoking area so no more choking smoke,and our favorite a HUGE Dungeon with lots of play space. This is a nasty place that is smaller then my living room. I can't imagine SDC would even keep this place listed. This is disgusting do not go. The staff was creepy.

Walked in and walked right back out it was so disgusting. If I could rate this would be more accurate then 1. Rating: 1 Title: This is the worst place I have seen apartments bigger than this place. Cut the smoke with a knife. Not very friendly. Nothing in the description comes close to describing this dump!

If possible, I would rate it a Stay home, save money instead of driving to it. Rating: 1 Title: For us It was an unpleasant experience. Normally, we refrain from making negative comments because, simply said But, let's face it For us, The OZ is one of those establishments. If The OZ ever gets better we'd love to try it again because it's so close by, but until then we'd rather pass, and drive to Miami or Tampa.

Hopefully, that will change soon. Rating: 1 Title: in response From what I knew everyone had their teeth. You just so happened to come in during this time and in the borrowed space. Unfortunately, I do not have control over the social skills of anyone that walks thru the door.

Now that I have a new permanent location, you are more than welcome to come on out. If you would have left a screen name or something, I would let you in free for a night. Its very interesting. There were people there on a Saturday Night. The were all anti social. This place is low lass Maybe under better management and with some clientele with better social skills and ALL their teeth this venue could become something.

Until then However we are older and heavier than we used to be. We don't want to go and look like old perv's. Everyone says all shapes and sizes are welcome, but tell me the truth. What is the age range and are larger people plentiful as well. Rating: 5 Title: keeps getting better and better!! I was very impressed.

Bigger, better, very upscale and a great crowd. I had a lot of fun with a great new couple. I will definately be back as soon as possible. Had a lot of fun, played with a new couple and will definately return soon! We prefer an on-premise club and not just meet-n-greets so keep up the awsome work! Her first time at a swingers club. We both felt very comfortable and really enjoyed ourselves ,friendly people ,great music ,watched a show in the dungeon that was awesome.

We have been going since and really enjoy the atmoshere and the people!!!!!!!!!! B and T Rating: 10 Title: Thanks for a great night! Always friendly people and always a great time! The place is clean, the music is jammin' and I always leave with a smile. Really Enjoy place the host is a sweet heart. I really enjoy myself and so did our guest. You have to learn to step out of your comfort zone. It's NOT for first the timer who is freaking out. I wish we didn't travel as much.

Hope to see them soon. Big Hugs! Forget that Other SW Club. I play with the younger People. From Ages 25 to The Oz House has it together. That's just so much hastle. I like a one set plan. Any other place that says you can Just sayin! I have been going to Oz 2 years and its a discreet and fun place to play.

And believe me.. I must have discretion. It is safe for everyone.. It is the cleanest place I have ever been.. Miss T, the proprietor has great attention to detail and the place is immaculate. I have found true friends at Oz So I just wanted to write and give my opinion.

I truly love going there and wouldn't trade the wonderful fun that I have had there for anything. I had an amazing time and felt very comfortable. There was a fire dancer who was pretty good too, I was impressed. I'm sure I will be returning in the future. Good Times.. Now before I go any further please keep in mind this is coming from a gay leatherman which in most swingers clubs is a rare thing I know this due to the fact that I have been to others in the past and have even run one.

Never have I ever felt so welcomed by a establishment as I have at OZ. It is truly a pan-sexual environment. Whether you are straight, bi, gay or you just are a equal opportunity player this place will immidiately make you feel at home. The facility itself is is kept up to the highest standards and offers something for everyone right down to a fully stocked dungeon. The last part being one of the things I love the most. The staff there tends to each guest on a individual basis to make sure everyone is both having a good time and is taking part in a safe, fun atmosphere.

I would recommend this club to anyone both in and out of my leather family.

Lifestyle florida cape coral swingers

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