Looking for 10 inch or bigger

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Are you looking for a big screen tablet for all your entertainment and other needs? We have short-listed the best 10 inch tablets including the cheaper as well as the most powerful ones. Tablets with screen-size of Fast-forward to , there are not many budget offerings from legacy OEMs of a 10 inch tablet. Tablets were introduced soon after the smartphones, but their popularity sky rocket a decade ago.

The main goal of tablets was to serve the users who seek bigger screens with desktop like features in a portable and compact-sized device. Since then the market is overflowing with thousands of tablets and hence, it has become difficult for the users to pick the best 10 inch tablet. However, do you know why you need a tablet — for work or entertainment or everyday use? Answer to this question is very important! Being a user, it is vital to evaluate your needs first and then plunge into the market for further research and find the right tablet. Why you need a tablet? Well, you might be looking for flexibility as managing your professional work on desktop does not provide you that portability.

May be you want a bigger screen than your smartphone to entertain yourself or play games endlessly. Maybe you want to use it on a daily basis or for studying purpose rather than carrying books all the way to college. All these things play a pivotal role in your research work. You might come across big brands like Samsung , Apple , Microsoft , etc. Finding a tablet with minimal cost , maximum features is something impossible as the features may fascinate you at some point.

In such a scenario, preparing a checklist will be the right choice to jot down everything and stick to it anyhow. Choosing a perfect 10 Inch tablet is not going to be a cake walk. You will come across innumerable choices that will confuse you due to reasons like out of your budget or might lack features you want and a lot more. Follow these effective tips to make the right decision:. Tip 1: Android, Windows or iPad. Choosing the right operating system is always challenging as it require your utmost attention.

You might be looking for a tablet that can fulfill daily requirements, or might be for entertainment and gaming or for office work. Therefore, it is crucial to pick the right operating system. For instance, if you are working in an office and want to replace your desktop with tablet, then purchasing an Android tablet might be a wrong choice. Here Windows can work for you! If you want to use mobile functionalities on a larger screen, then Android tablet are best for you as they can entertain you and keep the calling flexibility seamless. Tip 2: With or without keyboard.

Well, even this factor plays a pivotal role while choosing the perfect tablet. Once you decide the type of operating system you want to work on, and then come required accessories to maintain that efficiency. Again, it depends on you and your habits or flow you have already have maintained while working on gadgets. If you are planning to buy a tablet to manage your documents or showcase immediate excel sheets, then purchasing it will complete set of accessories is important, which include keyboard specially.

We all have hands on experience on keyboards and using touch-pad for such work may hamper your overall productivity. However, if you are buying a tablet for entertainment purpose, browsing internet, camera, etc. As there are many 10 Inch tablets that offer stylus as well, this is acceptable.

You can utilize the stylus for playing games, calling, jotting important notes, etc. This is also a good deal to stay alleviate your burden of touching the screen of the tablet by using the stylus or pen instead. So remember, only for work related to documents, go for keyboard. This is most vital part among all. You need the best camera with exclusive features so keep your budget high for such kind of tablets.

However, if you want a tablet for daily use or official work, then spending on medium range tablets can be viable. If you require high processor tablets that can help you download innumerable games without stumbling, then purchasing mid-range tablet is an ideal choice. So focus on the third tip more than others! There is huge demand of 10 Inch tablets in the market. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 comes at a very reasonable price point for the extraordinary performance it brings to the user. Buy at Amazon. This is a slim tablet with an excellent feature set, and it can quickly uncover many multitasking operations and daily usage applications.

Samsung partnered with Qualcomm to bring the Snapdragon into the Galaxy Tab A7, and pairing it with 3GB RAM has given an edge to the users to even stream and play games at a good refresh rate. Another impressive integration was the battery. The Tab A7 comes with a non-removable battery of mAh. Buy Now. The octa-core processor is based on a 12nm manufacturing node with four performance Cortex A73 cores, and four Cortex A53 cores. The storage comes with either 32GB or 64GB.

With a battery size of a rumored mAH, Amazon claims a battery life of around 12 hours. Furthermore, the tablet comes with a 5MP rear shooter, while the front shooter boasts a 2MP. Amazon also offers a productivity bundle with a Bluetooth keyboard and a one-year Microsoft Personal subscription. Apple has brought back the iPad Air models, and they have shown some ificant improvements in all areas.

The iPad Air is a fantastic tablet, but it is very identical to the flagship model, iPad Pro, with the new display and processor. The newest chip for Apple, i. The next big difference highlighted is the display of iPad Air. However, the display looks as good as the pro models with a fully laminated screen, and on top of it, iPad Air also comes with an Anti-reflective coating. It surely adds to the personality of the user along with making every task easy and achievable.

It is lightweight and compact to be a constant companion on the go. Available Online on Amazon. Available in three equally impressive colors, it is the ideal digital tool for taking notes, highlighting texts, marking PDFs, and search between tags. All of these wonderful functions are made possible by the inclusive magical S Pen, which opens up new avenues and helps to reach greater heights.

The S Pen does not require any charge and can efficiently attach magnetically to the tablet, adding to convenience and mobility. With a long-lasting battery life of about 13 hours, life gets simpler and easier. The tablet also houses the same display as that of the HD The battery is also the same as that of the HD 10 and offers a claimed battery life of around 12 hours. Moreover, the camera specification is also the same. The tablet supports a W charging dock specially made for the tablet by Anker. Just like for the Fire HD 10, Amazon also offers a productivity bundle with a Bluetooth keyboard and a one-year Microsoft Personal subscription.

If you want a powerful device that can provide you lag-free performance, then look no further than Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has an average screen size of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is the on-to go partner tablet as it is just 5. The main concern that bothers users while purchasing a new tablet is the processor and RAM of the tablet.

This is why it is best in performance. The tablet has an amazing smart pen that adds more to the overall productivity of the users and easily gets attached on the backside of the tablet and charges itself. The tablet also boasts a durable battery life of 15hours with continuous browsing. The 8th-generation iPad is in its class of performance, and it does every task it promises to the buyer.

This Apple product is not a recent one, but it is an iPad, which is still one of the best 10 inch tablet. The A12 Bionic chip is still a beast at everything it does, and users have nothing to worry about its speed and power efficiency. The iPad Air features an LED-backlit display that delivers a better viewing experience from different angles and at different brightness levels. The Retina display comes with almost nits of brightness capacity, so one can comfortably use the device both indoors and outdoors.

The smart connector and the screen are compatible with only first-generation Apple pencils, so if one wants to upgrade, it is better to look at newer Apple iP. In terms of entertainment purposes, stereo speakers provide an immersive effect while watching movies and playing games. This is one of the well-deed and well-built 2-in-1 laptop that is meant to accelerate efficiency and productivity.

Surface Go 2 on Amazon. It is extremely lightweight and very compact. Users can use it either as a tablet or like a laptop as per their convenience. The With Microsoft, all the security related issues always take a backseat and the same is the case with Microsoft Surface Go 2. Large storage capacity along with the latest program compatibility, undoubtedly makes Microsoft Surface Go 2 the best choice.

Looking for 10 inch or bigger

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