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Scary Story Contest! Krabs is a meme, based on a popular cartoon character, used to express confusion or disorientation. He branches off to sell it on his own after his Mr. Krabs laughs at the idea. The Pretty Patties turn out to be a hit, and Mr. Krabs acquires the rights to sell them himself. The Mr. Krabs meme is a still image of Mr. Krabs looking around in panicked confusion when the customers confront him. Krabs meme was first shared by isthatahmed on Twitter on January 31, Not long after, the image, with various other captions, was being shared across Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, and other social media outlets.

Around the same time, Twitter s started to appear, retweeting the Mr. Krabs meme as it came up. Krabs meme functions in a similar way to tfw that feel when or mfw my face when. The image is usually paired with a tweet-length caption that describes a relatable situation. Captions usually make humorous observations about awkward, uncomfortable, confusing, or disorienting scenarios.

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Looking for mister me me

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