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Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. At which point do you think the story of KH started to become convoluted? Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Votes: 3 4.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Votes: 16 Kingdom Hearts Coded Votes: 1 1. Kingdom Hearts 0. Kingdom Hearts Back cover Votes: 0 0. Total voters The Kingdom Hearts series has come out with many games over the years and along with it many new characters and concepts have been introduced to the plot as well and at some point the story started to be known as convoluted.

Was it the introduction of certain characters or certain plot elements? What does everyone else think? Ansem is not Ansem was the point of no return. Absent Nomura's Biggest Fan. Kingdom Hearts 2, still manageable but the framework was set. Zettaflare Commander. It started with the introduction of a fourteenth Organization member and things such as how Ventus resembled Roxas and Vanitas looking like Sora. Not to mention Apprentice nort really being a result of body snatching from a different Xehanort.

trapped in revamp hell Staff member. I guess Days due to how much they had to bend over backwards to justify what went on in that game, but DDD was really the point of no return. I went with DDD and X because they're the most annoyingly convoluted to me, especially the latter. But dishonorable mention to 0. Props to Chain of Memories for being complex but not convoluted. Elysium Villain by Necessity. KH2 is the game that smashed all the rules up to that point and restart, so that one. You'd think KH1 was a game that bombed and only got a sequel through crowd-sourced fundraising fifteen years later for how out-of-step 2 was from 1.

Raz i'm nobody Staff member. Ansem is not Ansem set the precedent but at least Sora and company reacted to the news like the audience would. That made it easier to swallow and, imo, it worked. Birth by Sleep built off of ly established lore. Days wrote itself into a corner with Xion but at least the explanation for nobody remembering her makes sense.

The series became too complicated for me with the time travel and Young Xehanort and DDD more generally. KudoTsurugi Active member. Honourable mention to 3D, but at least they established some rules for their time travel. Union Cross is where it went off the rails for me. Soldier Well-known member. Time Travel in DDD, I don't care if you have clearly established rules and time magic that the enemy can abuse in a boss fight here's looking at you Young Xehanort if you even THINK about implicating it in some way, there's no going back. That's why stories that incorporate time travel elements are so tough to nail down, because the idea behind it is that it can be easily abused in the wrong hands, and what do you know, in KH IT WAS.

But time travel is where I draw the line. Before that came into play it was a clear cut story about some kids on an island that want to see the outside world, and they do. Dark Rot Member. KH2, of course. As a kid, I was like, wtf is going on?? It changed everything, and set the standard for confounding storytelling going forward, though I think it did it best.

I don't relate to the thinking that DDD made anything more complicated. If anything, it just pressed pause on the story. Yeah the dream-within-a-dream thing could have been better depicted, but the time travel thing was just an excuse to revive past villains. Kind of cheap, but it didn't convolute or really change anything. In fact, it basically left the story open so that they could have hypothetically done literally anything with KH3. My only problem with time travel in KH is that they introduced it, then never did anything cool with it, like let Sora travel to the distant past or future.

Rodin Well-known member. Somewhere between 2 and DDD. It's most interesting story elements already before the game and you don't get to knowing it till the last quarter off the game. Get to it faster and you would've solved it. Days and Coded are not convoluted just unnecessary. If you wanna bring Roxas back, just go do it. I didn't need a whole other game as setup.

You could make the argument for either and you'd be right. I'd chose DDD personally. Last edited: Apr 13, Everything that was released post-KHII really. Cumguardian69 Well-known member. The plot was never cOnvOlutED. It just added more and more stuff that was ultimately irrelevant to certain characters and failed to make the existing cast aware of crucial past events. Take DDD for example. Sora and Riku are supposed to be training to be closer to the level of MX.

I'd say KH2 planted the seeds with the Ansem plot twist.

Looking for you kh

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