Love in honing

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My mother spent her last years in an old age home in a little town 15 hours by car from where I live. I tried to have her moved to where our family could give her attention and care, but the doctors felt she might suffer a fatal heart attack from the stress of the move. The difficulty in reaching her she later could no longer remember us when we phoned , had her die miles from her loved ones, surrounded by strangers. The pain and guilt of feeling I had failed her arose unbidden within my heart for many years.

Thus very intense romantic love awakens within us the ability to love others more deeply, but it also awakens so much more. The depth an artist brings to art likewise stems from passion inspired by love. Eventually, not only that which we create but that which we are, gets honed and shaped into a maturity that is lacking in those who have never relinquished the love of self for love of another.

Check it -and other articles — out. During this month we will be adding a whole lot more of these articles to the site, for your reading pleasure. Tip: Check out the tags at the bottom of each unique to find articles, radio shows, wisdoms, testimonials and more with the same theme. For several years now I have been unable to attend wakes or funerals of close relatives and although I truly did not feel guilty, my mind kept me thinking I should feel guilty and talked myself back into the circle again.

I did attend four recently within the last year and I learned so much as I sat there and observed myself and everyone around me. I saw those beliefs that hold people in a place and saw how I somehow have outgrown the need for maintaining those beliefs for myself. My view of death has changed so much that I have had to find another way to express what I feel!

Or I say nothing and hold them close when I hug them. I do not feel guilty anymore and I believe I have found a way to address this matter of wakes and funerals. In Cree traditions it has become a contest to see who can do the best, revive the oldest, etc etc and when it comes to duty and tradition I do it automatically now, what needs to be done and I feel complete. Nice to see you at the womansretrait always have to laugh when i think of your little cat yoga.

I can pick you up in the airplain. For years I felt awful that I was hundreds of miles away from my beloved grandma when she was in a care home near to the rest of my family before she died. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Comments I relate to the story. Hi Avril Nice to see you at the womansretrait always have to laugh when i think of your little cat yoga. Love your beautiful humor, Love Corrien. I loved this post.

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Love in honing

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The Honing and Shaping by Love