Male looking for Valemount then who knows

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What a pro! I moved to Valemount from Vancouver Island Nanaimo 25 years ago! I think both of the programs have been very successful, and our community has benefited too! So, we opted to buy a wide range of sizes, from youth to adult.

Kids, adults and whole families love to get out and ski. Skiing for everybody! For the cooking program, the grant helped us go from small to big. The idea was to partner with the high school to teach cooking from scratch, but it became too successful for the space we were using. The kids love cooking. Right from six years old, they take on Food Safe, learn about canning, baking cakes, cookies, whole meals — you name it.

Our next project to enhance the program is to build a permaculture garden to grow our own ingredients! Yes, there sure is! We really believe that programming should be based on what community interests are, and you have to be in constant contact with the community to find out what they want. So for this cycle, we polled kids for ideas through the school! There seems to be a real hunger to learn how to draw and paint.

So we will be looking into artsy things: art classes, easels, paints, broad spectrum things. Should be exciting! If you have the passion and a good idea, just go for it. Your idea might be the next best thing for the whole community, which is so positive. Just do it! Grant applications are being accepted March 1 through to March Check out the application guide and form and get started! Home Topics Authors Communities.

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Male looking for Valemount then who knows

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