Naked women in Boulder

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This Saturday a peaceful rally of topless women and bare chested male supporters will gather on Pearl street for a demonstration. But is it legal for a woman to go topless in Boulder? Boulder city law does prevent nudity. Anyone over the age of 10 must adhere to this regulation. You cannot intentionally reveal your genitals in public. However, the torso is legal to show—female or male. This weekend, a group will gather on Pearl Street in recognition of the law. There will be topless women and bare-chested men armed with printed copies of the legislation which allows toplessness.

The point is not to scar children, as some will undoubtedly argue. The issue is one of equality. Women want to be allowed the same right to bare their chests as men. There are many places outside of Boulder where women cannot expose their breasts, even for the purpose of breast-feeding . In addition to raising awareness of how law contributes to gender inequalities, the rally will also raise awareness about the legality of toplessness in Boulder. I have removed my shirt in city limits before. Exercising outdoors, tubing on Boulder Creek, etc.

The rally will also function to fill in people like myself, who assume that the status quo reflects law. There are various movements in social media dedicated to promoting progressive toplessness laws. More people are recognizing that breasts should not be the deciding factor in whether a person may go topless. I for one have seen plenty of men with sizable breasts exposed at the pool, and withholding the right from women is simply hypocritical. The Puritanical views of the Victorian era emphasized covering the body completely to avoid causing arousal in anyone else even here, years later.

This meant that no one was allowed to expose anything other than their hands, necks, and he. Women were not allowed to exposed their knees until And before , men had to cover their chests by law. Four men were fined at Coney Island in for removing their shirts.

The local female magistrate told them that people would object to the men exposing so much of their bodies. This sounds absurd nearly a century later. I suspect the arguments against female toplessness will sound just as silly a century from now. I exercise a lot, and I like to do it outside. But if I had to wear a restraint across my chest and back every time I worked out it would be awful.

It would turn into a big, unpleasant torso sweatband. Based on that alone, I agree with the Free the Nipple movements. And for those who will argue that exposed breasts are too arousing, or contribute to the sexualizing of women I will say this: If someone wants to sexualize you, a few millimeters of cloth is not going to stop them.

I think that exposing breasts regularly would help desensitize the public towards torso nudity, and then we could all enjoy the breeze across our bodies. Powered By. Contact Advertise Partners. Saturday - October 2, Search for:. A Free the Nipple advocate in London. Male Olympic Swimmer ca. Women exposing their knees ca. Joe Inclan. Joe chose CU for its beauty, and the appeal of the open-minded and quirky city ensured him how right he was to choose Boulder. His hobbies have a range too, from fountain pens and handwriting, to yoyos and skill toys. The most important thing for Joe is to understand things complexly.

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Naked women in Boulder

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