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In fact, you can be involved in an NSA relationship and never transform it into anything similar to a romantic relationship. But let me tell you that there are rules that you can follow in an NSA relationship that can actually make you happy. That an NSA relationship can turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you, if you play it smart and right, and that today, it is perfectly normal to be involved in relationships like this. However, before you give up on NSA relationships without even giving it a real shot, think about it realistically — about its pros and cons and about its worst and best case scenario.

We have been consumed by the idea that only one type of relationship actually works, but that is actually far from the truth. In fact, people around the world live the happiest moments of their lives in unconventional relationships most of us could never imagine ourselves being in.

But we never stop and ask ourselves why we chain ourselves in these imaginary societal norms. Is living life by the book something you truly are satisfied about? Or are you afraid of being judged? In fact, in most cases, it can get quite tiresome and exhausting. Yes, all of us want to look for our perfect match. After so many heartbreaks and so many misunderstandings, you being confused with your emotions and so on, this is finally the right time to take a break and try out something that is out of your comfort zone.

You have to let your heart heal properly and, for a change, let it breathe. For that same reason, an NSA relationship would be the best choice. Of course, being single has its awesome sides, but the truth is that in most cases, it can keep you happy and satisfied only up to a certain point.

One of the biggest advantages of a NSA relationship is the fact that you have the chance to be completely honest with your partner at all times. There is no need for playing mind games or walking on eggshells around them — you speak your mind, whether they like it or not. When it comes to real relationships, there is always a small fear creeping inside you when you have to face your partner and tell him that his behavior is bothering you and what you want him to do instead.

For example, if you want more sex, you come forward and say so. And if you need more space, come clean about it. On the contrary, your partner will only see you as mature enough to communicate your way into getting what you want and that is nothing but a plus for you. Another reason you should at least think about trying an NSA relationship is the fact that it gives you an opportunity to focus on yourself more.

Now you have the chance to redirect all of the energy and time you would normally spend on your partner on yourself. In an NSA relationship, you have the full liberty to adjust it to suit yourself and your own time. NSA relationships really are flexible and leave you much more time to work on your career, spend it with your friends and family, or just relax and take a nap — whatever makes you happy. That is the beauty of an NSA relationship. In my opinion, the worst part about breaking up is when everyone starts asking me why and how we broke up, making it only more painful and harder for me to deal with it.

Or at least it should be easy. NSA is there to make pleasure easy. When one of you decides to call it quits, there is no resentment or grudges. No heartbreaks, no need for closure, no emotional baggage… nothing more than a clean cut. And the best part is that you can always stay on friendly terms with your ex after you decide to end your NSA relationship. After all, neither of you hurt or damaged each other. For some reason, an NSA relationship lasts longer than a normal relationship with real emotions and attachment.

Besides all of these advantages of a NSA relationship, the best thing about it is without doubt the fact that this kind of relationships actually teaches you a lot. It provides you with a new experience regarding the opposite sex and romance, and it gives you a chance to learn a lot of valuable relationship lessons.

A NSA relationship can help you realize what is it that you want from life. Are you ready for commitment? Or would you rather remain single? What type of person can you picture beside you? Sounds like a fairytale, right? Well, because it can be — if you just play your cards right. Basically, a NSA relationship is a win-win situation.

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Need partner nsa

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