Need women to answer question

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Original Poster. Miguel Alvarez. Gassing Station » The Lounge. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Why can't women give a simple answer to a simple question? Prev of 10 2 Tyre Tread Original Poster 9, posts months. Frustrates the life out of me much as I love her.

Although we have been married almost 25 years and SWMBO knows I like simple answers to simple questions, she just doesn't seem capable of answering questions that way. For example, Mrs TT is doing some house viewings this afternoon and called me to give me an update between viewings.

She was describing the property details and I asked her if she had met the owners as it was relevant to the discussion. I then asked again, "So, did you meet the owners, yes or no? I didn't need the other information. It was superfluous to the point and I cannot imagine in whose world it would be relevant. I then asked her if the house was a contender and got a ten minute diatribe about how it looks and what opportunities there were to improve it. Again I asked if it was a contender. How blody hard is it to answer the question first and then provide some qualifying information if necessary?

Please say its not just me. Agoogy 7, posts months. It's not just you. It's because of oestrogen.. No its not just you. Mine will never give a straight answer to a straight question even: "Would you like a cup of tea? The answer to this one will be "What time is it? Sheepshanks 24, posts 88 months. RobinBanks 17, posts months. Especially since I don't really care about Donna's pregnancy.

GroundEffect 12, posts months. Its clearly a difference in the wiring. My GF gets annoyed with my straight forwardness. You ask a question to an engineer, you gonna get a concise reply to the point with the facts. She wants the fluff: "Tell me exactly what they said and how they said it".

How the hell do the students deal with that. Oh yeah. They are mostly female. The clue is in the thread title. It's because women are not simple creatures. I asked the other half what was for tea last night. I got a full round up of the contents of our fridge, what we could have eaten had we had the relevant ingredients and also that she was going to make a home made soup tomorrow so we needed some more veg. Great, after 5 minutes of "conversation" on her part, I didn't actually get an answer.

I pottered around the garage for a while then she called me in for food at which point my question was answered some 30 minutes after asking. I'm cooking something nice at the weekend. I can't wait for her to ask what it is. I might try her response HTP99 18, posts months. Same here, I will ask a simple quation that requires a simple yes or no answer; however I will get the yes or no answer; usually no, only after a long explanation as to why she is unable to do it; I don't care why, I just want to know if.

Example: Me: "Have you managed to walk the dogs this afternoon? We have been together 23 years, she knows I don't need an explanantion, I'm an easy going guy and I understand there are other things to be done and I know she is a busy person and I know that things crop up, I don;t need a long and drawn out explanation!!

TTmonkey 17, posts months. A recent study has shown that women, on average, speak 20, words a day. Men - Triumph Man 7, posts months. Pothole 33, posts months. You know you've just told us you're mugs, chaps? Why listen to the fluff? Interrupt and ask for the straight answer. What are you scared of? I agree, and on a related subject I've also found that my wife would keep saying 'I have told you this' about important information, e. I think I have figured this out, and the reason why I never hear this critical nugget of information being announced is because she slips it the middle of for example a 20 min diatribe regarding people I have never met moaning about other people I have never met.

I didn't hear but Lorna definitely heard it so I'm sure it's true, she doesn't make stuff like that up". DeuxCentCinq 14, posts months. The tea making one - I just don't make her one. Sit down with mine and then she looks all upset. Miguel Alvarez 4, posts months. Mrs Alvarez this is your thread!!!! I can tolerate this most of the time. But every once in a while she will realise I'm far too relaxed and comfortable and ups the irritaion. I feel to order a pizza do you want one?

Where are you getting it from? Dominoes Ok Do you want one? What are you having on yours? My usual. Do you want one? I'm calling them now do you want a pizza? I said yes. No you didn't. What do you want on your pizza? What do they have? I don't know. It's Dominoes. The usual, ground beef, ham, pepperoni. It's a pizza FFS what do you want on it? Are you picking it up? It's not just women, we have a guy in the office who can't answer a simple question without giving you a f king story.

Need women to answer question

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