Single again and looking again

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Trending Now Week Month. Single Again Single at Midlife — it can be a frustrating or freeing feeling. Navigating the world of singles again, dating at midlife or even just learning to be alone, finding a way to enjoy it, embrace it , love it? the conversation with other Better After 50 women because you are not alone.

I first met Shirley Valentine almost 20 years ago. The chatty, quirky, homely heroine in the movie by the same name, she was skillfully portrayed by British actress Pauline Collins. Shirley was a bored, middle-aged housewife who felt life was passing her by.

Trapped in a bad marriage and going through the motions, she spent most of her time alone, at home, talking to the wall. Then came act two. The drab mother of two grown children ran away from home. I loved the exotic sound of going Brazilian but was soon left mouth agape upon full disclosure of what it truly meant. Imagine three years ago, the effort of fake joy I had to project while we opened gifts around the Christmas tree with our young-adult children and only my husba Is it me?

Did I say or do something to turn him off? Was I a bad kisser? Your experiences, though limited, have been pretty similar - men groping, wanting sex right away. Shannon Bradley-Colleary August 5, Not having a sex life is not something people advertise When the clock strikes bedtime, I want to be home. Divorce takes on different challenges in our 50s and beyond We cannot depend on outside factors to shape our attitudes in life, whether's it's when we are in recovery from divorce, dealing with employment issues, or anything else.

One of the many things we struggle with as we learn to recover from a divorce is learning how to rebuild our self-esteem. In these 6 places in the world to retire overseas, community is what makes them great places to live. Real reflections on loss and grief as a widow deals with the loss of her husband. Janie Davis Lane January 4, To me, relationship karma is not about he should suffer because he was a d-bag, Janie Davis Lane December 14, I would love a guy who could bring more laughter into my life and who wants a long-term committed relationship. Sick of Thinking About Your Ex? Help is Here!

Martha Bodyfelt November 30, My ex bartender was chatting with her, and didn't even look in my direction. THAT was my last call. If Mike does find a new sweetie partly because of the appealing photos I took of him, should I feel complicit?

Janie Davis Lane November 2, How could I not wonder, maybe my lilac, a mold of a different color, is somewhere out there waiting? Janie Davis Lane October 26, I am looking for that person who makes me feel like I want to spend the rest of my life with him, but it is not easy to find him.

Single again and looking again

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Single Again