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More than a week after the province slammed the door shut on Ontario strip clubs, women who work in the industry say the closure unfairly targets them without any public health evidence. It just happened, I was at work, and I was told they were going to be shutting everything down," said Samantha Knox, who works at one of London's strip clubs, Solid Gold.

After initially being closed in March, Ontario's strip clubs re-opened in July, along with other businesses. Employees and patrons had their IDs scanned before coming into the club, in case contact tracing was needed, Knox said. Temperatures were taken, and masks had to be worn at all times except when patrons were sitting at a table or when dancers were on stage.

Strict physical distancing rules meant that even VIP dances had to be done six feet apart, Knox said. During that time, Knox said she was only able to make a third of the money she would have made pre-pandemic. Still, she has other work that keeps money coming in, but other women do not. It was challenging but everything shut down equally. No one was singled out for being the bad guy," said Kat Daniels, another London dancer. Taking handouts or accepting help makes me feel uncomfortable, and I like what I do.

It makes me feel empowered. Those running and working in London's strip clubs expected the province to reduce hours, as they did other bars and restaurants on Sept. It was anger. It was unfairness," Daniels said. The region's medical officer of health says there is risk of the virus spreading any time you have people gathering indoors.

That's what they were elected to do," Dr. There are implicit values in all public health decisions. It's the tone or the temperature of society as a whole for our industry. But we are humans with lives and dreams. A woman named Lexi, who didn't want her last name used, also works at one of London's strip clubs.

We busted our asses to make sure we followed every protocol, we did everything we could to minimize the danger. London London dancers angry at provincial strip club shutdown Women who work in London's strip clubs say all physical distancing and masking precautions were being followed, and that their industry is being unfairly targeted over questions around morality, not for lack of public health protocols. Social Sharing. London Morning Strip clubs completely shut down.

Ontario strip clubs, worker advocates say provincial shutdown is unfair Performers behind Plexiglas, masked audiences and spaced-out seating the new normal for comics.

Solid gold strip club london

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