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Netflix has something for everyone, but there's plenty of rubbish. Our guide to the best TV on Netflix UK is updated weekly to help you avoid the mediocre ones and find the best things to watch. We try and pick out the less obvious gems, too, so we're confident you'll find a must-watch show you don't already know about. That said, if nothing captures your imagination, try our picks of the best documentaries on Netflix and the best films on Netflix UK for more options. Want to watch some US Netflix? Try our guide to the best VPN services for watching Netflix.

The result is a viewing experience that feels fresh even to those who have already watched every race, while showing newcomers how much more F1 is about than just fast cars whizzing around a track. Hundreds of desperate, broke people are recruited into a contest where they can win enough money to never need to worry about their debts again. Very few people make it out alive. Squid Game is intense, brutal and often very graphic but completely gripping.

Don't watch this when you're hungry. Each episode of this mouth watering series goes into the kitchen of one of the world's top chef's and looks beyond their creations. With restaurants still open in limited ways because of the pandemic, Chef's Table is the perfect way to get inspired and passionate about food. The most recent of these involves Sean Brock, who is dedicated to reviving lost flavours and Tuscan butcher Dario Cecchini who is trying to change how the world things about meat.

If you really want to get your mouth watering, the entirety of season four is dedicated to pastry. It could have been terrible, but thankfully Star Trek: Discovery is absolutely terrific. While at times it oscillates awkwardly between big-budget drama and cheap sci-fi thrills, for the most part this is a thoughtful, visually stunning expansion of Trekkian lore. Its obsession with winking and nodding to that lore will delight fans of the show, but at its core Discovery is a brilliant character drama, set against some clever and mind-bending sci-fi plot twists.

The series has also proven a success with fans. Three seasons are now available on the streaming service, with the latest being made available in January She has to navigate the politics of her new role, managing her colleagues — largely old, white and tenured — along with her family life, and an electric relationship with eccentric star professor Bill Dobson.

Sharp and very watchable, in half hour chunks. Set in the city of Derry, Northern Ireland, Derry Girls follows Catholic secondary school student Erin Quinn and her small group of oddball, kooky and, frankly, sweary friends as they navigate teenage life during the Troubles of the s. Creator Lisa McGee, from Derry herself, brings forth the quirks, conversations and traditions of Irish families in this period in a very deliberate way, and it makes for an incredibly authentic and hilarious watch. Not just one of the greatest kids shows ever or one of the greatest animated shows ever, Avatar is one of the greatest television series ever full stop.

It has it all: laughs, redemption, misery, danger, thrills, imagination, wonder and love. It follows twelve-year-old Aang, the Avatar responsible for retaining balance in the world, as he and his companions strive to end the Fire Nation's quest for world domination.

Filmed, edited and starring American musician and comedian Bo Burnham, this is a creative masterpiece that does a brilliant job of capturing what it has been like to live through months of lockdown. It oscillates wildly and deliberately between the hysterical and the profound with Burnham going deep on the impacts of isolation, anxiety and the internet age.

A reckless, boorish sex-robot manufacturer in Moscow tries to strike gold by ordering an experimental Chinese automaton touted as able to replace teachers, care workers, and security guards in this Russian sci-fi show.

Instead he ends up with Arisa, a robot who looks like a Russian supermodel, kills like a FSB hitman, and runs away like a nose in a Gogol short story. Hilarity duly ensues. Based on the comic book by Jeff Lemire, Sweet Tooth is set ten years after a viral pandemic that killed most of the population, and led — somehow— to babies being born with part human, part animal characteristics. It follows Gus, a half-deer hybrid boy, who leaves the wilderness in search of his mother. Loosely based on the gothic horror novel of the same name by Shirley Jackson, The Haunting of Hill House is horror at its finest - gripping, stunning and most of all, terrifying.

Twenty-six years later and disaster strikes again, forcing the remaining family members to meet and confront the haunting memories ruining their lives. Hill House never holds back on the jump scares, making its tension-building simply unbearable in the best way. And despite the obviously supernatural elements in its plot, the horror grounds itself in the stories of the lasting Crain family members.

Simpson is a gripping ten-episode mini-series which tells the story of the the infamous O. Simpson murder case. Cuba Gooding Jr. Once you've burned through this you'll want to move onto the second season, which revolves around the murder of Gianni Versace. Jed Mercurio's gripping police drama follows the work of AC, a police anti-corruption unit working in an unspecified UK city.

Originally broadcast on the BBC, the show centres around Steven Arnott, a detective who is transferred to AC from counter-terrorism after a delicate operation goes badly wrong, and colleagues Kate Fleming — an undercover operative — and Ted Hastings. Each set of six episodes covers a different case of potential police wrongdoing, and there are moments of gripping tension that make it perfect for binge-watching.

Season five is on Netflix, with the first four on BBC iPlayer and the sixth airing through spring Some may view it as the little and lesser sibling to the US Office, but Parks and Recreation stole the hearts of many with its witty scripting, hilarious hijinks and star turns from Amy Poehler, Aubrey Plaza and a fresh-faced Chris Pratt. No job too small, Knope and her team of off-beat employees tackle river clean-ups, local elections and STI outbreaks in the senior community with hare-brained ideas and real heart. Big Mouth manages to turn dick jokes into poignant World War stories, make a ghost of Duke Ellington in the attic make sense and fearlessly take on with everything from mental health and bad parents to sexual and racial identities with whimsy and grace.

One of the funniest shows of the past 10 years period. A masterclass in artful anecdotes and one for city snobs everywhere. In his spare time, Diop also tries to patch together a crumbling marriage and build a better rapport with his son. The actual escapades and daring heists are beautifully choreographed, but a lot of the mechanics — how a certain piece of legerdemain worked, when a certain impenetrable building was infiltrated — are left unspoken.

In a show about a master thief, the reticence is unforgivable, and betokens some lack of scriptwriting rigour. Also unforgivable is that the fifth episode ends on a cliff-hanger — but fear not, the second tranche of five will hit Netflix mid Bridgerton is set during the Regency period in England and follows the powerful Bridgerton family as they navigate love, marriage and scandal. Originally airing on BBC, Back to Life is a dark comedy that centres on a woman trying to reintegrate into society after spending almost two decades in prison.

The series, which received critical acclaim, perfectly balances humour with drama, and is at turns hilarious, unsettling and poignant. Now into its fourth season, The Crown shows the British royal at its best and worst. It's a definitely fictional retelling of the life of Queen Elizabeth II, with the first season focussing on the eight years between and , where Elizabeth marries the Duke of Edinburgh.

Things move faster in the second series, which covers the Suez Crisis and the reation of British prime minister Harold Macmillan. The third season saw Olivia Colman stepping into the role as HRH enters the tricky middle years and the swinging sixties, while the recently released fourth season centres on Princess Diana's tricky relationship with the royals. Stylish, compelling and intensely watchable, this seven-part limited series is based on a novel of the same name, and follows chess prodigy Beth Harmon from an orphanage in Kentucky to duelling with Russians in Moscow.

Anna Taylor-Joy excels as the troubled Harmon, and the series is so surprisingly gripping that it will have you pondering a monthly subscription to Chess. Chewing Gum is gloriously rude, funny and awkward. Created by and starting Michaela Coel, the creative force behind I May Destroy You , the comedy series follows Tracey, a young, black, Londoner who is intent on escaping her Christian upbringing and losing her virginity.

What is a hilarious but always cringe-inducing zip through the uncertainty of young adulthood. Looking for hidden gem on Netflix? Look no further than Orphan Black. The sci-fi drama grew in prominence after an Emmy win for leading actress Tatiana Maslany in but never quite cracked the mainstream fanbase like Black Mirror and Doctor Who did.

After witnessing the suicide of a woman who looks just like her, outsider and orphan Sarah Manning Maslany assumes her identity. But she soon uncovers a conspiracy that will haunt her past and define her future.

Though sometimes a little out there with plot devices and characters, especially in the later seasons, Orphan Black is a great watch for any sci-fi fan craving excellent female-led drama and comedy. Some writers perfect the cliffhanger — the team behind Prison Break were some of the best at it. Each episode leaves you on the edge of your seat wanting more. While Michael Scofield Wentworth Miller purposefully lands himself in prison to free his brother Lincoln Burrows Dominic Purcell , it is just the beginning of something much bigger. And darker.

Through 90 episodes across five seasons — although the best series are at the beginning — the brothers are involved in prison riots, breakouts, plotting, and tense exchanges with fellow inmates. Last Chance U is one the most successful documentary series on Netflix and Part 5 is the best season yet. The series, which follows the travails of junior college student athletes aiming to break into big time college football and ultimately the NFL, benefits from shifting its focus from oddball rural towns with outsized ambitions and imported talent, to the inner city Laney College in Oakland, California.

The result is a series that shines a light on the growing dislocation and inequality in inner city America as the overflow from neighbouring San Francisco gentrifies the formerly blue collar Oakland. It goes to some dark places, but is all the better for it.

Sweet american man seeks russian love

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