Swing Club in South Carolina.

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That issue will be discussed at a planning commission meeting scheduled for November 5. In December , the couple opened a three-story location in Fayetteville but were forced to move a year later when city inspectors challenged them on a zoning issue. They opened their current location on December 31, — and completed extensive renovations on this facility in January Business is now booming … and the Abrams are looking to expand their operations to accommodate more of their members, including a growing contingent of swingers residing in South Carolina.

Nudity would be permitted throughout the establishment, although unauthorized touching is strictly verboten. Alcohol would be permitted at the facility, but attendees would have to bring it with them. The club would not be allowed to serve drinks. Via: Getty Images. For starters, libertarians like us have always viewed the attempted regulation of sexual morality with considerable skepticism. This is one reason we have consistently argued for the decriminalization of prostitution. Similarly, we support the right of private businesses to make money hosting sex parties for consenting adults.

Even if one were to lodge a moral objection against prostitution which we would not , we believe it is a stretch to stand in the way of consenting adults looking to gather together for sex or voyeurism at a private establishment. We do not believe government has any business whatsoever blocking such activity. In fact, our view is that it would be needlessly discriminating if it were to block such activity. Looking at the bigger picture, this news outlet has long argued that the South Carolina Grand Strand must diversify as a tourism destination — which is one reason we have supported the decriminalization of casino gaming on the coast.

As well as the decriminalization of prostitution. Will Myrtle Beach allow this club to open? Who knows. We believe such establishments would advance the tourism diversification we have long championed … and its accompanying economic benefits. Clearly the latest South Carolina tourism data shows such diversification is sorely needed. We understand many of our readers will object to this editorial position, and in keeping with our open microphone policy we look forward to hearing from them as to why we may be wrong … just as we would extend our microphone to the owners of this proposed club to make their case directly to the people of the Palmetto State.

Please feel free to submit your own letter to the editor or guest column via- HERE. Got a tip for us? Got a technical question or a glitch to report? Connect with us. Share Tweet. Absolutely … Click to view Via: Getty Images For starters, libertarians like us have always viewed the attempted regulation of sexual morality with considerable skepticism.

We view this as a liberty issue and — increasingly — an economic one. What do you think? Vote in our poll and post your thoughts in our comments section below … Loading. Should Myrtle Beach allow a sex club to operate within its city limits?

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Swing Club in South Carolina.

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Is A Sex Club Headed to South Carolina?