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In this guidance, we provide details of its editorial complaints process because complaints about its journalistic standards are likely to fall into this category. All content that the BBC broadcasts or publishes is expected to keep to them. You can complain to the BBC about any published or broadcast content that you believe breaches the Editorial Guidelines.

You can also complain to Ofcom if you are not satisfied with how the BBC has dealt with your complaint, once you have completed the BBC complaints process. This depends on what your complaint is about. You can complain directly to the BBC or, if you wish, raise your concern directly with Ofcom who will then assess your complaint against the Ofcom Broadcasting code. Ofcom does recommend trying to resolve the matter with the BBC directly before contacting them, and you cannot pursue your complaint with the BBC and Ofcom at the same time.

Please also bear in mind that if you wish to complain to the ICO about a breach of data protection law by the BBC regarding privacy , you will first need to complain to the BBC directly. If this is possible with your particular complaint, the BBC will explain how to do it. What can I complain to the BBC about? How can I raise my concern with the BBC?

Complaints to the BBC are split into five : Editorial complaints. General complaints. TV licensing complaints. Complaints about the allocation of party-election, party-political and referendum-campaign broadcasts. Regulatory complaints.

This bbc needs you

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