Want to have some weekend fun

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Weekends are tricky with little kids. Here are 10 ideas that work well for us. Make a picnic. Make art. Kids just like to make stuff. Our favorite Saturday morning treat. Nova loves to get mini donuts and carry her own little basket around. Have a dance party. Everyone must dance. Everyone gets to choose a song. Clean the house together. There is literally nothing cuter than a 3-year-old trying to help clean.

Trade photos with another family. We take their photos, they take our photos—everyone gets cute photos for free! Low pressure too! Photoshoots are so much pressure with little kids. Go to the library. We return our books and get new ones every week.

Build a fort. Make sure you let your kiddo incorporate all their quirky ideas to make the best fort ever! Plan something seasonal. Pick flowers, collect fall leaves, get hot chocolate. Just to be clear- this is an old post. We are participating in and encouraging social distancing. I love that most of these ideas are simple and cheap or free! There are so many little things that can make such big memories. They vary for age groups and are very reasonable price wise, depending on the supplies you need to bring.

We have done cupcake decorating, crocheting; they also have jewelry making and simple paper crafts. Lovely ideas for the weekend Elsie! The farmers market is our Saturday morning tradition too! Ours has mini shopping carts for the kids, live music, story time and crafts for kids, yoga, cooking demos, food trucks, and a dog-sitting area that my daughter LOVES to visit. Our fave: nature walk. No matter the weather grab a bucket and walk in any direction and put nature in the bucket. Always a hit with both the 2. Yes to all of these! We love to cook together. So perf. Should have a picnic on Sunday!

We love a weekend family bike ride! For little kids, this was just a ride around a few neighborhood blocks. During Halloween or Christmas season, we go after dark to look at the lights and decorations. With older kids, you can go further our favorite destination is a gelato shop or try out some easy dirt trails. Bonus points for each friend-on-a-bike we pick up along the way! Whenever I have to do groceries in town, I take the girls with me.

Afterwards, we go have pastry somewhere together. It is something they can get excited about the whole week if I tell them my plans. They also love to help in the garden. We have little shovels and buckets for them and of course super cute boots! This year we are trying to grow our own strawberries and tomatoes. I love adding a fun thing to do after groceries — genius! Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Friend's Address. Your Name.

Send . Pin 0 Facebook 0 Tweet 0 0. Love this list. Cheers to fun weekends!! These are all such good ideas. Thanks so much for sharing, hope you have a great weekend!!! Love it — I want to do all this stuff as an adult who has no children!! You should!!! This makes me feel like we need a Spring Bucket List! Cancel reply. Recipe Rating Recipe Rating. This site uses affiliate links.

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Want to have some weekend fun

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