Women want sex Widener

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For both formats the functionality available will depend on how you access the ebook via Bookshelf Online in your browser or via the Bookshelf app on your PC or mobile device. Challenging the limiting views of sexuality that research on women with anorexia and sex has yielded, Dr. Written in an honest voice, Appetite bridges the gap between academia and practicality, using grounded language that appeals to professionals and survivors alike.

Melissa A. Fabello, PhD , is a writer, educator, and researcher whose work focuses on the politics of bodies, relationships, and sexuality. She holds a doctorate in Human Sexuality Studies. Original thought. Social commentary. Systemic analysis. Scientific rigor. Engaging storytelling. Smart as all get out. I treasure everything from Melissa Fabello. Her voice is so clearly her own, and the world needs it. This book is, above all else, brimming with hope. She asks the unasked questions and with rigor and commitment seeks answers. This work is an unfolding whose gems we will continue to excavate for decades to come.

Her ability to articulate complicated issues has also astounded me and the work she is doing is making such a difference. We are lucky to have such educated individuals such as Melissa, championing such important causes! Appetite is for you. It reminds us that while eating disorders are often a disconnect from self and others, people suffering still have desires for connection.

It reminds me as a clinician to hold the various nuances of eating disorders as I work with people suffering from them. And it gives hope that a light of recovery remains in people even in the deep and dark places that eating disorders take people to. Fabello's work validates women's experiences of touch, intimacy, and their bodies, and does so in a way that researchers and academics can understand.

She reveals a long-concealed narrative that is told about women who survive eating disorders and does so with their voices at the center. Every professional who works with women who experience problems with their eating should read this to learn how to better think about and talk to women about their bodies, their sex lives, and the relationships they want to have with others.

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Women want sex Widener

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"Indian Sex Life" and the Cultural Control of Women